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Affidavit Form for Mailing of Notice of Annual Meeting

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Companies have shareholder meetings all the time and even if all the shareholders are asked to join, they don’t need to participate in every single meeting around the year. But, unlike that when there is annual meeting in which the shareholders take important steps or change company policies and strategies, all the shareholders are vitally required to participate in the meeting or else, they can lose their shares or won’t be able to agree or disagree with the decisions made in the meeting. We have several Affidavit Forms available for download to assist you in creating one suitable Affidavit for our requirements.

In order to make sure that all the shareholders are informed properly about the meeting, they are sent the formal invitations and it’s the responsibility of the secretary to send the invitations. It is possible that a shareholder doesn’t come to the meeting and states that he didn’t get his invitation so in order to eliminate this possibility or misunderstanding, the secretary is required to sign an affidavit after sending the invitations to the shareholders in order to prove that he has mailed all the invitations and now if a shareholder doesn’t come, it’s on him.

Essential Elements to include in the Affidavit of mailing of Notice of Annual Meeting:

  • Name of the company with trademark or registration number
  • Complete address of the company with state name and country
  • Name of the secretary who is signing the affidavit
  • Date when the secretary mailed the invitations to the shareholders
  • Details of the mail (i.e. state, post office address and country)
  • The sworn statement that the invitation was mailed to all the shareholders
  • List of the shareholders in the company that are invited in the meeting
  • Postal addresses of the shareholders
  • Details of the meeting
  • The date when the secretary is signing the affidavit
  • Signature of the secretary and notary clerk

Importance and Uses of the Affidavit of mailing of Notice of Annual Meeting:

If shareholders don’t participate in the annual meetings of a company, it is possible that the board of directors or general partner terminates their partnership in the company as they didn’t participate in the important yearly meeting. On the other hand, it is also possible that a shareholder somehow misses a meeting and puts the blame on the secretary because he didn’t receive his invitation. This can create problems and issues for the secretary so it is really important that when the secretary sends all the invitations, he signs this affidavit in order to eliminate such misunderstandings or disputes in the future regarding absent shareholders.

Here is preview of this Free Fill-able PDF Affidavit Form for Mailing of Notice of Annual Meeting,


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Download Affidavit Form for Mailing of Notice of Annual Meeting

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