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Affidavit Form for Publication of Certificate Fictitious or Assumed Name

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When a person or number of partners wants to start a new business under an assumed or fictitious name, they are required to register the company in the local or federal trading department depending on the rules and regulations of each state and country. When the department accepts the application and sends a verification certificate to the partners or owners of that company, they are again legally obligated to publish the notification about that certificate in the local newspaper at least 4 times and once every week. The document that is signed by the partners or owners of the company in order to state that they have published the notification in the newspaper according to the rules and regulations is known as the affidavit of publication of certificate of a company under a fictitious or assumed name.

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Affidavit of Publication of Certificate Fictitious or Assumed Name:

When a person wants to start a company, he usually prefers to use his name or his family name in the official title of the company. He registers that name with the trading department. But there are some situations in which a company can’t or the owners don’t want to use their own names in the company title. Instead, they use fictitious or assumed names that have nothing to do with the owners and partners.

If they want to do so, they are legally obligated to register the company first in the trading department and if that department gives them permission to conduct the business with the assumed name company by sending them a certificate, they are again required or forcefully asked to publish the certificate in the local newspaper for at least 4 times once every week so that if anyone has problem with the company, they can come up before the company officially starts its business and trading. Once the owners make sure that they have published the certificate notification at least 4 times in the newspaper, they are asked to sign an affidavit with the clerk in the trading department in order to make the statement official that they have fulfilled the requirements along with attaching the true copies of each published notification as proof.

Essential Elements to Include in the Affidavit:

  • Name of the company with its registered trademark
  • Registration number of the company according to the state trading department
  • Name of the person or registrant who is signing the affidavit
  • Details of the notification about the certificate that was made public
  • Name of the newspaper in which the notification was printed and published
  • Details of each notice (i.e. date when the 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th notifications were published in the newspaper)
  • A true copy of each notification should be attached to this affidavit
  • The sworn statement of the registrant that he is speaking the truth
  • Signature of the registrant who is signing the affidavit
  • Signature of the registrar in the trading department

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Affidavit Form Publication-Certificate Fictitious Name

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