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16 Free Agreement Templates

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Here you can download several Free Agreement Templates in PDF Format to download, fill-in and print as per your situation.

Car Lease Agreement Template

A Car Lease Agreement is a legal document that shows the lease contract between the person renting the car and the car owner. It is the agreement for the rent of car, that specifies the terms and conditions of a transaction between two parties. A Car Lease Agreement will include the legal obligation and rights of each party to the agreement and information regarding certain incidents that might come up in the future. This article will discuss the Car Lease Agreement guidelines. Allow me to share with these Free Car Leasing Agreement Templates to assist you in the process of drafting your own Leasing Agreement.

The first step of writing a Car Lease Agreement is to identify the parties involved, the person renting the car and the owner. The agreement will then specifically identify each party. Show the date, month and the year of the agreement. If the contract is between a person and a company, then physical transactions involve a representative of the business then the manager or director of that particular company will assume the legal role of the owner for the purpose of the transaction records.

The legal status of each person involved in the transaction is outlined in writing along with any other relevant information such as the phone numbers and address of each party involved. It is advisable to relate names to legal identification documents (passport number, identification card number or driving license) because names can be similar.

In the case of a breach of contract, witnesses act as a core value in dispute settling. On instances where the Car Lease Agreement is of a huge value or rather sum of cash, it’s important to have as many witnesses as possible. Provision for signing by the same is also provided. In this field it’s important to provide two signing fields for one specific witness as to avoid fake mark of signatures that will be of no use in dispute solving in an instance of contract breach.

Car Lease Agreement Template 08



General Assignment Agreement Template

Usually when we talk about general assignment or debt assignment, people assume that it’s not legal and if you go through this process, you are actually committing a fraud where in reality, it is not fraud and you can go with this process legally. There is a difference between general assignment and fraudulent conveyance. In general assignment, you only assign your property to a third party and he has the responsibility of pay off to your creditors and along with this process, your property is both in your and your creditors’ reach. On the other hand, fraudulent conveyance is illegal in which you actually sell your property to a third party and collect the money yourself without the intentions of paying off your creditors.

Here is preview of a Free Sample General Assignment Agreement created as fill-able PDF Form,

General Assignment Agreement

Here is download link for this General Assignment Agreement,


Loan Agreement Template

The role of Loan Agreement. Loan Agreements reserve the rights of the giving party as well as the receiving party.  The person who offers loan is called the lender while the one who is receiving it is called receiver. So, the Loan Agreements is a document that include clauses which are in favor of the lender and the debtor thus it doesn’t matter to which party you belong, Loan Agreement is the most essential thing you need while giving or getting loans as it deems to be a protection between the parties doing agreement.

Context of the Loan Agreements includes terms, conditions, responsibilities and clauses on which lender and the debtor agrees. This Loan Agreements must be as per the standard government law otherwise, it won’t be considered as a legal document. Along with this, Loan Agreements include, the details of the amount being lent, duration period during which this agreement remains valid, terms regarding the loan payment, and the number of installments in which loans will be paid. These clauses are decided by the parties holding Loan Agreement and it has nothing to do with the government.

Once both parties sign the Loan Agreements, they come under the terms of the Loan Agreement and become obliged to fulfill it.

sample loan agreement template 02


Employment Agreement Template

Here is a well-drafted Employment Agreement Template in PDF Format to allow you in preparing and printing a standard Employment Agreement. Mostly people focus on vacations, bonus and salary when they get a job. But there are other things that are potentially more important than these. That is the employment agreement. It is drafted by the lawyers. These are the people who have more legal knowledge than the layman. So, its terms must be very clear to the employee before signing it.

Preview of a free Employment Agreement Template in PDF Format.

Employment Agreement 01

Download the button bellow to start downloading the agreement.

pdf download button

LLC Agreement Template

As the abbreviation claims, LLC is a company with limited liability which means shareholders are obliged to reimburse debits i.e. equivalent to their nominal share value. As, LLCs has got a limited liability so to carry their business on, for longer periods of time, they need business reviews for their services from some company, for the reasons regarding business. If you don’t ask for a company to review the LLC agreement of a company, you can lose customers, deals, profit and, at worst, business. Moreover, in USA, it is obliged for companies to have a working LLC agreement.

So, when we come to define LLC Agreement, it is an important manuscript used by the limited liability companies to highlight their verdicts regarding finance along with the rules, procedures and requirements of that very company.  The tenacity of LLC Agreement is to manage internal operations of the business in a way that suits the specific needs of the business owners. So, when an LLC Agreement is signed between the parties, it becomes the authorized treaty between them and both the parties become obliged to fulfill the terms inside them.



llc agreement template 02

Non-Disclosure Agreement Template

When you decide to get in a trade or something that involves terms and conditions involved, you need some kind of security in order to enable yourself, to do the deal confidently. Here, probably you need a Non-Disclosure Agreement.

Non-Disclosure Agreement is an integral document to protect the confidential information of the parties involved in the business for which, non-disclosure agreement is being written. Whenever, it is necessary to share the information i.e. confidential and private, with someone else for business matters, it is advisable to use Non-Disclosure Agreement so that the information remain safe and the next person won’t share it with someone else. There are many other situations as well in which Non-Disclosure Agreement works as an important tool.

Non-Disclosure Agreements are being used in every field such as when you are doing a business in the field of information and technology, or banking, or running a loan agency etc. you will need to understand the importance of Non-Disclosure Agreements because it protects the information and keeps it away from the general public. Such as, when you are doing IT business, to protect your intellectual property, you can use Non-Disclosure Agreements between people of your organization, to keep your data secure.

Non Disclosure Agreement Template 15


Here come another Non-Disclosure Agreement Template in PDF Format.

Non Disclosure Agreement Template 05

Maintenance Agreement Template

When it comes to top companies offering residential replacements for heating, ventilation and air conditioning equipment (often called HVAC), Maintenance Agreements are considered to be the key of such companies because it keep the relations of the company and customers secure and exultant. Usually Maintenance Agreements are readied by the companies while the customers just need to sign them, only if they agree to the clauses in it.

So, while composing Maintenance Agreement, you need to have such terms in it which are adaptive not just for the company but also by the customers, this thing guarantees the growth of the program for which the Maintenance Agreement is being written. So the real success of your Maintenance Agreement is when your customers accept it as Maintenance Agreement would lead them towards savings.

Maintenance Agreement Template 06

Partnership Agreement Template

A Partnership Agreement is a legal contract that is signed between the investors who contributed to start a company and who own ownership rights in the company. This agreement on one hand, legalize the partnership of each partner in the company putting them responsible for the liabilities of the company where on the other hand, this agreement also defines the investment of each partner, their percentage of profit in the company, their responsibilities and role in the management, duration of the partnership in case of Limited Partnership agreement and the key decision maker in the company who can be a general partner or a CEO hired on salary for the decision making.

Here is preview of a Free Sample Partnership Agreement Template as Fill-able PDF,

Partnership Agreement Template

Here is download link for this Partnership Agreement Template,

Consultant Agreement Template

Consultant Agreement is a type of official document that brings a sense of security between the signatories as the parties will be under the clauses of the contract. And, in case, anyone of them would break the contract, they would have to be bore legal penalties.

Consultant Agreement Templates are used and given by the firms, who offer consultation, or the single-consultants working independently; to their clients. These contracts are embedded with legal terminologies such as the duration of the contract, details of the parties signing the contract (including their names, numbers and other official facts), and list of penalties that any will have to bear if the contract is broken.  These are some basic specifics which you can find in any Consultant Agreement Template.

Further clauses and explanations can vary from firm to firm and from the type of consultant services you offer so, you will have to add them in the Consultant Agreement Template, by your own. All the passages will be developed by the parties undergoing contract. These details can be listed in by the consultants and if signatories would have any objection regarding those, these can be modified.

Here are previews and download links for these free Consultant Agreement Templates in PDF Format.

Consultancy Agreement Template 01

Download this Consultant Agreement Sample in PDF.

Mutual Releases Agreement Template

When two individuals or companies do business together, they always sign some kind of contract or legal agreement in order to make sure that each party respects and rights of the other and fulfills his responsibilities. But, in some cases when the parties decide to terminate the agreement before expiration or after violation of the agreement by a party, the other party decides not to go to the court and settle the dispute without any legal interference. At this point, if both parties agree that they want to settle the dispute out of the court and without involving any law enforcement department, they sit together and try to find some mutual grounds on which they both have benefits and can agree in order to release each other from the agreement obligations and responsibilities. This is where the mutual releases agreement is signed between the parties that want to settle out of the court.

Here is preview of a Free Sample Mutual Releases Agreement Template created as fill-able PDF Form,

Mutual Releases Agreement Template

Here is download link for this Mutual Releases Agreement Template,

Separation Agreement Template

It comes a time for a long relation between parties, spouses and business associates to separate. Most are cases where this is caused by difference in interests and unequal development or ignorance of duties takes place within a joint, party, or organization. When this point is arrived at, a well detailed Separation Agreement is considered important so as to officiate the separation. In creating a secure, verifiable and a legal Separation Agreement, the below described tips and guidelines should be observed.


Like other agreement format, the title should define the agreement in first sight introduction. The reasons for the separation should not be briefly brought about within the title. In most layouts, the title of the Separation Agreement should read the same. This will help in filing the document for future reference and make it easier to locate the same within other files.


Without a date, a Separation Agreement will create so many loopholes for defaulting the same by either the concerned party is particularly on ‘after separation’ timed duties, or either of the parties bound by the Separation Agreement. With the date, it will be hard and unlikely for the default of duties assigned to find ways into the Separation Agreement. This is mostly witnessed in Marriage Separation Agreement where the dates for custody and child support supply should take place on monthly or annual basis.

Identification Documents

In this section of a Separation Agreement, both the parties avail their national identification documents for inclusion into the agreement. If possible, it’s advisable to do a thorough checkup for making sure that the identifications brought forward are true copies of the original. This can be achieved by making sure to have a close and clear look at the original copies of the same. Inclusion of the identification numbers and letters thereto is important as to directly identify the concerned party. This can be achieved by getting an attorney to assist in commissioning the Separation Agreement.


This is the part of the Separation Agreement body where all the relevant information and the reason for separation are detailed out. It is the most essential part of this type of agreement as it lays down the relevant and legal governance of the parties in relation to attached obligations after the separation. To make the Separation Agreement easier to translate and understand, the conditions targeting a specific party should be separated from those of the other. In this section, measures to be taken for breach of agreement by either of the party are clearly stated. When putting down the conditions, it’s highly recommended to write down as discussed by; as words of mouth may not count in matters of solving aftermath disputes, especially those of defaulting the Separation Agreement.


In conclusion, for the Separation Agreement to be completed, witnesses are required. Each party should at least provide one witness during the signing off the Separation Agreement. Witnesses’ identification documents and copies of the same are important for future reference. Finding a witness you trust is always recommended as you might need them to confirm an instance in the future.

Sample Separation Agreement Templates

Here is a collection free sample Separation Agreement Templates to help you draft your own agreement.

Separation Agreement Template 01

Pre-Settlement Real Estate Disclosure Agreement Template

When two parties enter in a discussion about the sale or purchase of a real estate property, it is often very important for both of them to keep the dealing secret and not disclose any particulars of the deal to any other person or party who is in involved in the deal or anyone who might influence the deal. For example, a person approaches to the owner of a real estate property i.e. house and make an offer. Before the seller and buyer agree on mutual terms and sign the purchase contract, they have a lot to discuss and negotiate.

This can take weeks and even months before things settle and they agree to sign the agreement. For many reasons, it is very important for the buyer and seller not to tell anyone outside of the deal about the pact or arrangement they are making. The buyers benefit from this as other interested parties can’t know the price that the buyer has offered to the seller and the seller benefits from the disclosure as the market can’t know about the sale of his assets i.e. house or business. In order to force each party not to disclose the terms and conditions of the agreement before the buyer and seller can settle on mutual terms, they need to sign the pre-settlement real estate disclosure agreement.

Here is preview of a Free Sample Pre-settlement Real Estate Disclosure Agreement Template created as fill-able PDF form,

Pre-settlement Real Estate Disclosure Agreement Template

Here is download link for this Pre-settlement Real Estate Disclosure Agreement Template,

Disputed Account Settlement Agreement Template

When there is a dispute between two parties regarding an account, it is very important for both of them to resolve the issue and find a way to solve their dispute. Most of these account disputes occur when a person claims that another party owes him money but the other party denies that claim. This usually occurs because of a difference in the books of both parties. When this happen, you can understand that until the dispute is resolved, neither party will agree to conduct further business with the disputed party and in order to move on with their business and put the dispute behind once for good, it is really important for the disputed parties to sit together and find some mutual grounds to agree.

On the other hand, when there is a dispute, usually the parties prefer not to go to the court due to long term hearings and waste of time and resources on court sessions. Instead, they prefer to solve the dispute with mutual settlement in which one party offers some kind of compensation to the other party and the other party negotiates on the terms and conditions and finally they agree to sign a settlement contract. This contract is also known as the disputed account settlement agreement. Most of the time, the dispute is about the due payments and the money that one party claims on the other party and the other party denies it. In the settlement, both parties sit together with their legal attorneys and offer each other some kind of compensation in order to settle the dispute.

Here is preview of a Free Sample Disputed Account Settlement Agreement Template created as fill-able PDF Form,

Disputed Account Settlement Agreement

Here is download link for this Disputed Account Settlement Agreement Template,

Unsolicited Idea Acknowledgement Agreement (For Company)

When a company receives an unsolicited idea by an individual or a group of people without any prior demand, it is important for the company to acknowledge the idea and the meeting they had with the idea presenter(s). This is important in order to avoid any future complications or lawsuits against the company by the idea presenters. In order to make sure that the people who presented the idea are appreciated at the company and the organization has listened to their idea and they all have decided mutually either to drop the idea at the meeting or proceed with it, the company is required to prepare a legal document know as the unsolicited idea acknowledgement. This document proves that the idea presenters approached the company without any prior demand from the company itself and after they presented the idea and the organization decided to proceed with the idea, they take full responsibility of any liability that might come with the idea i.e. duplicity, plagiarism or copy right law suit.

Here is preview of a Free Sample Unsolicited Idea Acknowledgement Agreement (For Company) created as fill-able PDF Form,

Unsolicited Idea Acknowledgement Agreement

Here is download link for this Unsolicited Idea Acknowledgement Agreement (For Company),

Debt Re-Affirmation Agreement Template

In case you have financial problems or you just want to have a new start. You declare bankruptcy and by declaring that, you free yourself from all the debts and loan payments. Because with bankruptcy, the court orders your creditors that you can’t pay your debt and they have to consider it as bad debt and forget about it. But, there are some situations in which even if you declare bankruptcy. You sign an agreement with your creditor that you will keep making his loan payments. This agreement is known as the debt reaffirmation or reaffirmation agreement.

Here is preview of a Free Sample Debt Re-affirmation Agreement as a fill-able PDF form.


Debt Re-Affirmation Agreement

Here is download link for this Debt Re-affirmation Agreement,

Open Listing Realty Agreement Template

When an owner of a real estate property wants to sell it, he invites multiple realtors to find potential buyers. Along with that, the owner also meets with buyers and shows them the property. In this situation, the owner doesn’t need to pay to any realtor unless one brings a buyer that actually buys. Open Listing Realty Agreement refers to the contract signed between the owner of the property and the realtor(s).

Here is preview of a Free Fill-able Open Listing Realty Agreement in PDF Format,

Open Listing Realty Agreement

Note: The green buttons at the header will not appear in print. They are placed just to help you clear, store or retrieve stored data quickly. 


Here is download link for this Open Listing Realty Agreement,


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