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Amendment Certificate Template

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Amendment Certificate Template

Here is professionally drafted Amendment Certificate Template to help our visitors. When a person or two or more partners wants to start a new company. They need to register the name and the purpose of the business with the local government department. Where they are asked to disclose what the name of the company will be. Who will own it and what type of business it will conduct. These details are known as the articles of corporation. Every company is legally required to present these documents in order to register the trademark. They need to make the operations of the company legit according to the local government. If there are any changes that the owners want to make in the company. They also need to file for the changes and ask for certificate of amendment for corporation. This certificate will take over from the previous articles of corporation and allow the company to implement the required changes.

Brief Description of the Certificate of Amendment:

When a company starts or comes in existence. The owners and partners of that company are legally required and asked by the local government to register the name and the purpose of the company in order to make the business legit and legal. For this purpose, the owners submit articles of corporation with the local department in which they explain the name of the business, introduction to the owners and type of business the company will conduct. By submitting these documents, the owners legally agree to conduct the business with the terms they disclosed. If they need to change anything in the company i.e. name of the company, type of business or number of partners. They need to ask for amendment in the previous disclosed articles of corporation and it’s done with the help of certificate of amendment.

Essential Elements to Include in the Certificate of Amendment:

  • Name of the business with its designation i.e. (limited, corporation etc)
  • Corporation registration number for reference purposes
  • Name of the owners/directors who registered the company
  • The detail of the articles of corporation registered with the government
  • Details of the changes being made to the corporation (i.e. amendments to the article of corporation)
  • Date when the changes will be implemented
  • Required documents to be attached with the certificate application
  • Signature of the directors/owners of the corporation

Importance and Uses of the Certificate of Amendment:

The most important thing about this certificate of amendment is that when a company wants to change it’s name or type of business it conducts. The owners can’t implement any change unless they ask for the permission of the local government and register the changes in the local department for future references. For this purpose, certificate of amendment comes in and this certificate will cancel the previous registered articles of corporation. This will allow the corporation or company to implement the changes that the owners want to make to the company. In the same manner, when we talk about the use of this certificate, it’s exclusively used for only this purpose of making changes to the business and the way it’s conducted by the owners.

Here is preview of a Free Fillable Form of  Amendment Certificate Template,

Amendment Certificate Template

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