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Assignment Consent Notice

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Consent is a written statement by a person who is either accepting something or making something valid. For example, you want to sell your car and in order to do so, you are asked to sign a consent form that indicates you have decided to sell your vehicle and you have received financial compensation in exchange of it. You can also say that a consent form is another kind of affidavit document.

What is mean by Assignment?

Assignment is a process in which a company or an individual sells or transfers his property to someone else. For example, you have a company and you want to sell your accounts receivable to a collection agency and in return, you will receive lump sum compensation from the agency. This will be known as assignment of your accounts receivable. In simple words, this is a process of giving away something that belongs to you for financial purposes.

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Types of Assignments being Used these Days:

There are potentially hundreds of types of assignments in which it is required by the law and local government regulations that before going through the assignment process, the assignee is required to get a signed consent from the assignor as this document legalize the entire process and proves that the assignor has in fact decided to assign his rights or property to the assignee. Some of the most common assignments that require consent form include:

  1. Lease assignment
  2. Accounts receivable assignment
  3. Debt assignment
  4. Copyright assignment
  5. Mortgage assignment
  6. Trademark assignment
  7. Contract assignment
  8. Asset assignment

Key Elements to include in the Consent of Assignment:

  • Name of the person who is signing the consent i.e. assignor with complete address
  • Name of the assignee who will receive the assignment with complete address
  • Date when the assignor is signing the consent
  • Name of the notary public clerk or employee who is witnessing the signature of the assignor on the consent form
  • Precise statement entered and signed by the assignor that he has in fact decided to go with the assignment process and he is doing it without any pressure of force from anyone either involved in the assignment or not involved
  • Reasons of assigning the rights or ownership of property of the assignor to the assignee
  • Details of compensation offered by the assignee in exchange of the assignment
  • Signature of the assignor with date and full name

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Assignment Consent Notice

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