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Cash Payment Receipt Template

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Cash Payment Receipt Template

Download this Cash Payment Receipt Template as PDF Form to fill and print Cash Payment Receipts easily and effectively.

A Cash Receipt is a documented proof of cash inflow or outflow from a company to a customer or supplier. This is a simple document that shows the proof of cash transaction. There are many elements included it the cash receipt but the most important items include; names of both parties, details of the items sold with the cash, amount of cash received by the company, date when the purchase was made and signature of authorized person. Most of the time, suppliers and vendors fill out the cash receipt manually where in case of retail store or super market, Computerized Cash Receipts are issued to the customers with manually putting the signature on it.

Key Elements to include in Cash Payment Receipt Template:

  • Name of the issuer who is issuing the cash receipt
  • Name of the company or business with address
  • Details of the cash received by the company
  • Name of the person who is receiving the receipt
  • Date when the cash was deposited with the company
  • Date when the cash receipt was issued
  • Reference number of the receipt for record purposes
  • Items sold or purchased with the cash
  • Signature of the receiver of cash and issuer of the receipt

Key Purpose and Benefits of Cash Payment Receipt:

When a company conducts business with its customers and suppliers, it makes various cash transactions including cash inflow and outflow. In order to keep record and eliminate fraud or errors in the accounts, it is very important for the businesses to keep the cash flow documents and the most important document is the cash receipt. The first and most important purpose of using cash receipt is that this receipt is only made when cash is transacted which means if the company tracks the reference number on the cash receipts, it can evaluate the amount of balance in the company account and verify it with the cash receipts any time. Another vital purpose of using these receipts is to eliminate taxation disputes and errors.

With the cash receipts, the company can proof that it has paid the taxes and the amount of tax and the total sales can be verified with the receipts. On the other hand, businesses can also benefit from these receipts by using them to evaluate the accurate profit they have earned and the expenses they made for the sales. These receipts can also be used to evaluate the progress and profit margin of a business. If you want to allow your customers to return their orders, you need the cash receipts you issued them in order to verify if they actually bought the item from you and if you gave them any discount on it or not. In the same manner, you can also use your cash receipts to track how much you have paid to your vendors and if you want to return your order, you can also show the cash receipt for your order to the supplier.

Here is preview of a Free Sample Cash Payment Receipt Template created as fill-able PDF format,

Cash Payment Receipt Template

Here is download link for this Cash Payment Receipt Template,

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