Certificate of Corporate Resolution

Here is this free Certificate of Corporate Resolution in PDF Format to help you create such Certificate easily.

When the board of directors of an organization or the shareholders of a company want to make a decision or take action, they are often required by local government laws to legalize that action by announcing it publicly and creating a document of their decision. This document, known as the certificate of corporate resolution, authorizes a person or group of people to act on behalf of the organization.

Brief Description of the Certificate of Corporate Resolution

When a company or organization wants to make an important decision, the shareholders or board of directors are legally obligated to convene a meeting and make the decision with the agreement of the majority. Once the decision is made, they must announce it and make it legal by creating a certificate of corporate resolution. For example, if the board of directors decides to allow a particular employee to receive cash on behalf of the company, they must create a certificate of corporate resolution stating that the employee is authorized to receive cash payments on behalf of the company.

Essential Elements to Include in the Certificate of Corporate Resolution

  1. Date of Issuance:
    • The date when the certificate is being issued.
  2. Addressee Information:
    • Name of the person, company, or government department that the board of directors wants to notify about the corporate action.
    • Complete address of the addressee.
  3. Subject of the Certificate:
    • A clear and concise explanation of the certificate’s subject.
  4. Secretary Information:
    • Name of the secretary who is writing and sending the certificate.
  5. Organization Information:
    • Name of the organization.
  6. Board of Directors/Shareholders:
    • Names of the board of directors or shareholders who agreed to the action in the meeting.
  7. Meeting Details:
    • Date when the meeting took place.
    • Location of the meeting.
    • Duration of the meeting.
    • Number of people who voted in favor of the action and the number of people who did not agree.
  8. Action/Resolution Details:
    • Detailed description of the action or resolution decided by the board of directors.
  9. Authorized Individuals:
    • Name(s) of the person(s) authorized by the corporate resolution (if applicable).
  10. Validation of the Resolution:
    • Duration or period for which the resolution is valid.
  11. Signature of the Secretary:
    • Signature of the secretary to authorize the certificate.

Free Certificate of Corporate Resolution {PDF Form}

Here is preview of a Free Fillable Certificate of Corporate Resolution in PDF Format,

Certificate of Corporate Resolution

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Importance and Uses of the Certificate of Corporate Resolution

This document is used in various situations, but most commonly when banks require proof that an applicant is authorized to make payments and handle finances on behalf of the organization. For example, when a company seeks to open an official account, the bank may request a certificate of corporate resolution to ensure the applicant is authorized to manage the organization’s finances.

Additionally, when companies send employees or top managers to make deals with other companies or organizations, these managers may be required to present a certificate of corporate resolution. This certificate authenticates that they are permitted by the organization to make the deal, ensuring the legitimacy and authority of their actions.

Sample Certificate of Corporate Resolution

Here is a sample template to help you draft a certificate of corporate resolution:

Certificate of Corporate Resolution

Date of Issuance:

[Name of the Person/Company/Government Department]
[City, State, ZIP Code]

[Subject of the Certificate]

Secretary Information:
Name: [Secretary’s Full Name]
Organization: [Organization’s Name]

Organization Information:
Name: [Organization’s Name]

Board of Directors/Shareholders:
The following members of the board of directors/shareholders were present at the meeting held on [Meeting Date] at [Location of the Meeting]:

  1. [Director/Shareholder Name]
  2. [Director/Shareholder Name]
  3. [Director/Shareholder Name]

Meeting Details:

  • Date: [Meeting Date]
  • Location: [Location of the Meeting]
  • Duration: [Duration of the Meeting]
  • Votes in Favor: [Number of Votes in Favor]
  • Votes Against: [Number of Votes Against]

Resolution Details:
Be it resolved that [Name of the Authorized Person(s)] is/are hereby authorized to [Detailed Description of the Action/Resolution].

Authorized Individuals:

  • [Authorized Person 1 Name]
  • [Authorized Person 2 Name]

Validation of the Resolution:
This resolution is valid from [Start Date] to [End Date].

[Secretary’s Signature]
[Secretary’s Full Name]
[Secretary’s Title]

By including these elements and following the sample template, you can create a comprehensive certificate of corporate resolution. This document ensures that important decisions made by the board of directors or shareholders are legally documented and authorized, protecting the interests of the organization and its stakeholders.

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