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Claim Acceptance Letter Sample

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A claim is typically a demand or request from someone who thinks that the person on the other hand of the demand owes him something i.e. in case of a damage caused by the other person. For example, a person damages your car and you send him a claim letter in which you request him to pay for the repair of your vehicle or you injure yourself at work and you send a claim letter to your employer requesting him to pay for your medical expenses.

Introduction to the Acceptance of Claim Letter:

As the claimer, you have the legal right to send a written notification to the other person i.e. the person who owes you something and once you have sent the notice or claim letter, it is up to that person if he wants to accept it or deny it. In either case, the other person is legally obligated and asked to respond to the request or claim demand with confirmation or denial. In case the other person or department accepts your claim, he will send you an acceptance of claim letter. In this letter, you will find the compensation that the other person has offered you for the settlement of claim. You can also make changes in the original compensation offer if you want.

What to do if claimer disagrees with the Claim?

Usually when a person claims something, they stick to it and don’t change their terms. For example, an employee claims for $10,000 worth of financial compensation for his injury at the job and even if the employer doesn’t want, he has to agree with it. In some cases, the other party doesn’t accept the claim request and sends an alternate acceptance letter. Once the claimer receives this letter, he has the right to notify the other person that he doesn’t want to accept it or wants him to make some changes in the compensation. Here when you send the notice to the other party about your disagreement, the other party has a specific time period i.e. 1 month or 60 days to either accept it or reject it. In case of rejection, you can pursue your case in the court where on the other hand, if the other party accepts your claim with the changes, you can settle for it.

For example, you request for a claim to your employer and when he accepts the claim, you find that he didn’t add a specific medical condition that you have in the acceptance letter and as you want this condition to the be added in the actual claim, you have the right to send a written request to the employer asking him to add this condition in the claim. After he receives your request, he has maximum 60 days to either accept it or reject it. The same thing happens when you don’t feel satisfied with the compensation offered by the other party in return of your claim and you want them to either increase the financial compensation or change the terms and conditions of the acceptance policy.

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Claim Acceptance Letter

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