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Confirmation Letter for Verbal Order

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Confirmation Letter Verbal Order

A letter, application, formal request or a form that is sent to a supplier or vendor in order to confirm an order that was placed verbally by two individuals before is known as the confirmation letter of verbal order. This letter is sent by the person or the company that placed the order to the vendor or supplier that will provide the order to the company along with the details of when the order was placed and details of the order i.e. items or goods that the company ordered with the vendor.

Importance of Confirmation Letter for Verbal Order:

It is very common in business and trading world that sometimes two companies make a deal verbally and don’t write anything to make it official. This can be done and there is nothing wrong with it but there are some chances that when there is no documented proof of the order placed with the vendor, the supplier misplaces the order to send wrong items or charge more than he agreed in the verbal conversation. That is why the confirmation letter to verbal order is sent by the company to the vendor or supplier in order to remind him about the order and make it official.

This way if the supplier doesn’t agree to the terms of the order, he can negotiate it with the company before shipping the order. As a business owner or a supplier, you can understand that if an order is placed orally, it can’t be challenged in case of a dispute i.e. if the buyer backs out and denies paying for the order or if the supplier wants to increase the price of the goods. This is why it is important to make the order formal and legal by issuing this confirmation letter of verbal order.

Some useful tips for writing Confirmation Letter for Verbal Order:

Before writing the confirmation letter, make sure that the employee or in charge of purchase in your company did make the order on telephone. Before you start writing the letter, gather all the details and information that you need to include in the letter. It is better that before writing the actual letter, you make a rough draft just to make sure that you have included everything required and then make the original draft. You can write this letter on anything but it is better if you use company letter head in order to make it official.

It is important that you know who will receive Confirmation Letter for Verbal Order so that you can properly address the reader in the letter. If it’s not possible to know that, just make it general and don’t address to any specific person in the supplying company. Always mention the name of the individuals who talked and made the deal. It includes the person who placed the order and the person who received or entered the order in record. Make a separate section to include the details of the order that was placed before along with the payment details and rates for the items or goods in the order

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Confirmation Letter Verbal Order

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