Consent of Partial Assignment Notice Sample

In order to go with the partial assignment process, the assigner is asked and required to sign an affidavit indicating the fact that he has decided to assign his property or possession to the assignee and that he is doing so with his own free will. This affidavit document is known as the Consent of Partial Assignment. You can download more Assignment PDF Forms on our website to suit your particular requirements.

Brief Description of Consent of Partial Assignment:

From the point of view of an assignee, you can understand that even if you have all the documents and legal forms, it is possible that due to some reasons, the assigner may claim that fraud has been committed by you and you have transferred the ownership of the assignment illegally or wrongfully. In order to save yourself from trouble and have something that shows you fulfilled all the legal requirements before getting the assignment, you need to have the written and signed consent or permission letter from the assignor. This way when you have this consent signed by the assignor, even if he claims to have the authority of the assignment, you can use this consent for legal purposes. On the other hand, in the case of partial assignment, many types of disputes and misunderstandings occur so you need to have the signed document from the assignor indicating the jurisdictions and authority boundaries of each partner involved in the partial assignment.

Key elements to include in the Consent of Partial Assignment:

  • Name of the person who is signing the partial assignment consent i.e. assignor with complete address
  • Name of the assignee who will receive the partial assignment with complete address
  • Date when the assignor is signing the consent of partial assignment
  • Name of the notary public clerk or employee who is witnessing the signature of the assignor on the partial assignment consent form
  • Precise statement entered and signed by the assignor that he has in fact decided to go with the partial assignment process and he is doing it without any pressure or force from anyone either involved in the partial assignment or not involved
  • Reasons for assigning the rights or ownership of property of the assignor to the assignee
  • Details of compensation offered by the assignee in exchange for the partial assignment
  • Signature of the assignor with date and full name

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Consent of Partial Assignment Notice

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