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Corporate Acknowledgement Affidavit Form

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When a person or group of people wants to register a new corporation in the local trading department under real or fictitious or assumed name, they are asked to provide articles of corporation and the names of the owners, directors, partners and shareholders in the company. These mentioned employees or persons in a corporation are asked to sign a document proving that they are hired in the corporation or own it as owner or partner and that document is known as the corporate acknowledgement.  Download more free Affidavit Forms in PDF Format from our website.

Key Elements to include in the Corporate Acknowledgement Affidavit:

  • Name of state and country for record purposes
  • Name of the corporation that is under discussion in the acknowledgement
  • Proper date when the acknowledgement is being signed (i.e. day, month and year)
  • Name of the person or names of each person in a group who are signing the acknowledgement
  • Names of the owners, directors and partners of the company that is under discussion in the acknowledgement
  • Details of the acknowledgement signed and sworn by the acknowledges
  • Signature of the person or group of people who are taking acknowledgement
  • Signature of the notary public clerk or an authorized person assigned for this purpose

Importance and uses of the Corporate Acknowledgement Affidavit:

A corporate acknowledgement serves as the actual evidence that a person or a group of people are employed in a corporation or own a company. This is really important when some partners want to start a new corporation and they are required to register the company first in the local trading department along with submitting the articles of corporation and the details of owners, directors and partners. When such people apply for the registration of a company under real or assumed name, they are asked to come to the notary office and sign the acknowledgement in front of the notary clerk so that he can verify the acknowledgement as legal proof. There are two options for singing this acknowledgement including signing the acknowledgement by individuals on separate documents and having the partners/directors and owners sign on a single acknowledgement document. If each person signs his or her own acknowledgement, his name will be mentioned on the document along with the names of the owners and directors of the corporation where on the other hand, when group of people signs the acknowledgement, names of all of them will be included on the acknowledgement document.

Here is preview of a Free Sample Corporate Acknowledgement Affidavit as fill able PDF Format,

Corporate Acknowledgement Affidavit

Here is the download link for this Corporate Acknowledgement Affidavit,

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