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Creditor’s Affidavit Form – Key Elements

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A creditor is a person who lends or gives some money or anything else to someone for a specific period of time and requires the money or that borrowed item within the mentioned period of time in the loan agreement. For example, you borrow some money from your friend for personal reasons so in this case, the friend who gave you the money is the creditor and you, who borrowed the money, are the debtor.

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Key elements to include in the Creditor’s Affidavit:

  • Name of the creditor with complete address
  • Name of the debtor with complete address
  • Date when the creditor give money to the debtor
  • Details of the loan agreement signed by both the creditor and debtor
  • Amount of money that the debtor owes to the creditor
  • Date when the debtor agreed to pay back the loan to the creditor
  • Particular circumstances given by the debtor because of which he can’t pay back his debt
  • Details of personal possessions, real estate properties or bank accounts that indicate towards good financial health of the debtor
  • Sworn statement by the creditor that he takes full responsibility of signing this affidavit
  • Signature of the affiant and witnesses


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