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Debt Acknowledgement Letter Sample

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When borrowing money from friends, coworkers, or relatives, people often forego formal contracts or loan agreements. While trust in close relationships may suffice, it’s prudent to ask for a debt acknowledgment letter to confirm the loan’s details and repayment terms.

Description of Debt Acknowledgement Letter

In many cases, financial transactions between friends or family members are not deemed significant enough to warrant formal legal processes. Instead, an IOU letter, also known as a debt acknowledgment letter, is used. This simple letter, sent by the debtor to the creditor, states that the debtor has borrowed a specified amount of money and agrees to repay it within a certain period. This letter serves as legal proof of the transaction, detailing the amount owed and the agreed repayment timeframe.

Uses of Debt Acknowledgement Letter

When dealing with debt and loans, formal financial institutions often require personal guarantees or collateral. However, for smaller, short-term loans from friends or family, such formalities are usually bypassed. In these situations, it’s important for creditors to request a debt acknowledgment letter. This document confirms the loan and its terms, providing a safeguard if the debtor later denies the debt or requests an extension. The acknowledgment can be used for legal purposes, such as filing a claim if necessary.

Key Elements to Include in the Debt Acknowledgement Letter

    1. Debtor’s Information: Full name and complete address of the borrower.
    2. Creditor’s Information: Full name of the person who lent the money.
    3. Details of the Debt: Specific amount borrowed.
    4. Date of Transaction: When the debtor received the debt.
    5. Repayment Agreement: Terms and timeline for returning the debt.
    6. Acknowledgment Date: When the letter is written and sent by the debtor.

Signature of the Debtor: To validate the acknowledgment.

Here is a preview of a Free Sample Debt Acknowledgement Letter created as a fill-able PDF Form,

Debt Acknowledgement Letter

Here is the download link for this Debt Acknowledgement Letter,

Sample Debt Acknowledgement Letter

[Your Name]
[Your Address]
[City, State, ZIP Code]

[Creditor’s Name]
[Creditor’s Address]
[City, State, ZIP Code]

Dear [Creditor’s Name],

I, [Debtor’s Name], residing at [Debtor’s Address], acknowledge that I have borrowed [amount of money] from you on [date of borrowing]. I agree to repay this amount in full by [repayment date] as per our mutual agreement.

I confirm that this acknowledgment letter serves as a formal record of the debt and the terms of repayment. I assure you of my commitment to return the borrowed amount within the agreed period.

Thank you for your understanding and support.


[Debtor’s Name]

This sample letter ensures all necessary details are included, providing clear documentation of the loan and its terms, and protecting both parties in the transaction.

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