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Defective Goods Notice

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Defective Goods Notice

There are some situations that buyers receive defective or damaged goods against the order they placed with the supplier. It can be because the supplier actually sent the defective goods intentionally, didn’t notice the defects at all, goods were damaged during shipment or anything. In either case, when a buyer receives defective goods, he needs to write a formal notice letter to the supplier informing him about the defective goods that he received and to either place a replacement order or to ask the supplier to accept the damaged goods in warranty claim and send the replacement goods or refund the payment for the order.

Importance of the Defective Goods Notice:

As an individual or a company, you can understand that when you pay a supplier for goods or items, you wish and expect to receive fully operational goods without any damage or defect. In some cases, buyers receive goods that are damaged or defective and when this happens, they need to inform the supplier in order to refund their payment, replacement of the goods or repair of the goods as warranty claim. This all is done with the formal notice letter of informing the supplier about the defective goods that the buyer received and the steps that the buyer wants the supplier to take to make this right. It can be anything from just a formal complaint notice so that this doesn’t happen again to refund of the payment to replacement of the defective goods to repair of the goods with all services and charges accepted by the supplier.

With this, you can understand how important it is to send a formal notice to the supplier if you received defective goods against the order you placed with the supplier. Key elements to include in this notice include; names of both parties, details of the order placed by the buyer, details of the goods received by the buyer with specific defects in each item and the compensation that the buyer wants from the supplier i.e. return of the goods, refund of the payment, replacement or repair. This way this notice is very important if the buyer wants to be compensated for the defective goods that he received and it’s done with this notice letter.

Some Useful Tips for Writing the Defective Goods Notice:

Before you write this notice letter, you should find out who will receive the letter in the supplier’s company so that you can properly address that person in the notice letter. You can write this letter on simple document but it is better if you use company letter head to make it formal and official. Rather than writing the notice letter by hand, you should type it on computer and send an email with the letter too. Provide the details of the goods that you received as well as the explained defects and condition of each item in the order. Advise the receiver or the supplier about what you want to do next as a compensation for receiving defective goods i.e. payment refund, replacement of goods or repair of goods.

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Defective Goods Notice

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