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Directors Special Meeting Notice Sample

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Download this PDF Directors Special Meeting Notice Sample to help you write your own meeting notices.

Meetings are very common in corporations and organizations in order to discuss important elements with the directors, partners, shareholders, and directors. Usually, there is a particular schedule of these meetings i.e. once a year or twice every year. Every director and partner in the company knows about the schedule of these annual meetings. But there are some occasions when the CEO or general director of a company is required to call a sudden or special meeting in order to discuss a problem or issue in the company. Usually, only the important directors are invited to the meeting and they don’t know about the schedule of such a special meeting.  They are formally invited by the notice to directors of the special meeting at least 2 days prior to the meeting.

Brief Description of the Notice to Directors of Special Meeting:

Directors are the most important part of any organization as they set goals and strategies to run a company and thus, they understand how important it is to hold meetings to discuss different aspects of the market and business. Usually, there is a pre-defined schedule of all meetings that will be held in the future so that all the directors can make it to the meeting but still, there are some situations and scenarios where the company requires a surprise or special meeting other than the scheduled meetings. This is a very delicate situation because most of the directors won’t know about the meeting if they don’t come to the office regularly.

This makes it vital for the secretary or organizer of the meeting to inform these directors and invite them to the meeting by sending formal invitations or notices to each of them at least 1 week prior to the meeting but if the meeting is organized on an urgent basis to deal with a crisis or problem in the market or company, the notices can be sent with just 24 hour notice or less. This way when the directors receive the notice with the agendas to discuss in the meeting, they can prepare themselves to discuss their ideas in the meeting even if the meeting is organized on an urgent schedule. This also gives the directors enough time to decide if they will be able to make it to the meeting or if they want to be present by proxy.

Key Elements to Include in the Notice to Directors of Special Meeting:

  • Name of the corporation/company with trademark
  • Complete address of the company
  • Name(s) of the owner(s) and director(s) in the company
  • Names of the directors who are invited to the meeting
  • Details of the meeting along with date, location, duration
  • Introduction to the agenda of the meeting along with the purpose of the meeting
  • Name of the general director or CEO of the company who will lead the meeting
  • Name of the secretary of the meeting with contact number
  • Signature of the secretary of the meeting along with the CEO or general director

Here is a preview of a Free Sample Directors Special Meeting Notice as a Fillable PDF,


Directors Special Meeting Notice

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