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Donation Receipt Templates

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donation receipt template 05

Allow me to share with you 20 Free Donation Receipt Templates to help you create and print your own donation receipt easily. I have also uploaded several free samples on Cash Payment Receipt Templates that is worth downloading.

Donation Receipt Format

A Donation Receipt is a document showing proof of payment for a charity donation. If the charity organization qualifies for special tax protection, then you can use the Donation Receipt to claim deduction on income tax when filing your income tax returns. Here you can find the Donation Receipt format guide.


The Donation Receipt should have a title that will indicate the purpose of donations. For example, if the donation is to help orphans and the poor then you should indicate it on the title of the Donation Receipt.


This will show the date, month and the year that the donations were made on. The charity organization can use the Donation Receipt dates to conduct a donation satisfaction survey.

Receipt Number

It is the unique number that identifies and differentiates the receipts. This is helpful when the charity organization would want to know the number of donors for a particular day or month.

Received By

This will show the name and contact information of the charity organization receiving the donations. The charity organization should also give its none-profit status. This information will be useful to the donor especially if the organization qualifies for special tax protections then the donor can use the receipt to claim their deductions on income tax.


This section will show the name, address and contact information of the donor. But the Donation Receipt is most useful in case where the donor is making donations on behalf of another person. Then they can request the Donation Receipt or notification is sent to the actual party making donation.


This applies to none cash donations, in order to show the quantity of the items donated. This will assist the charity organization in distributing the donations or knowing if they have enough donations towards the course of donation.

Items Description

Here the charity organization will describe the items donated, whether the donations are in form of cash, cheque, clothes, food items, services, or anything else.


In this area, you mention the value of the donation. This is mostly for none-cash donations and in most cases this is  when donations are made in form of assets, such as vehicles, land, house, or some other property. The charity will also need to include information about the asset if it will be sold or used towards the donation purpose.


This will show the total for both cash donations and item donations and also show the total (value) of assets donated.

Signature of Authority

This section will have the signature of the authorized party. In most cases, it is about the head or managing authority of the charity organization conducting/collecting the donations. This is very important section of the Donation Receipt because the signature will prevent malicious people from using the organization’s Donation Receipts to fraudulent people.


The charity organization should use the official stamp to validate the Donation Receipt and prevent fraud too.

Thank You Note

The charity organization can choose either to include thank you note on the Donation Receipt or send it to the donor separately.

Sample Donation Receipt Templates

Here are 21 Free Samples of Donation Receipt Templates in PDF Format.

donation receipt template 01

[download id=”2332″]

donation receipt template 02

[download id=”2337″]

[download id=”2341″]

donation receipt template 04

[download id=”2345″]

donation receipt template 05

[download id=”2349″]

donation receipt template 06

[download id=”2354″]

donation receipt template 07

[download id=”2358″]

donation receipt template 08

[download id=”2362″]

donation receipt template 09

[download id=”2367″]

donation receipt template 10

[download id=”2371″]

donation receipt template 11

[download id=”2376″]

donation receipt template 12

[download id=”2380″]

donation receipt template 13

[download id=”2384″]

donation receipt template 14

[download id=”2388″]

donation receipt template 15

[download id=”2393″]

donation receipt template 16

[download id=”2397″]

donation receipt template 17

[download id=”2401″]

donation receipt template 18

[download id=”2405″]

donation receipt template 19

[download id=”2409″]

donation receipt template 20

[download id=”2413″]


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