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Fillable Form For Assignment of Copyright

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Form for Assignment of Copyright

When a person creates or invents something, he is the actual owner but the process of keeping the invention with him can get more difficult if it’s an intellectual property i.e. music, video or book etc. in order to make sure that the person who created the item will have the ownership of his invention as long as he wants and no other person can claim any rights on the invention, the creator is given the copyrights of the invention. So we can also say that copyright is actually a legal document that limits the use of an item only to its creator. You can visit our page on Assignment Forms to help you in preparing your own Assignment Notices.

Brief Description of Assignment of Copyright:

You may find it hard to understand that why on earth a person would want to give away the rights of his creation or invention to someone else but this is a very common practice these days. Usually this assignment occurs mostly in creative fields i.e. books writing, music albums and videos where the actual creator assigns the copyrights of his creation to a publisher or record label who then use the assignment to produce, market, sell and resell the creation as many times as he wants without consent of the actual creator. Usually this is done because the actual creator has no experience about how to deal with different aspects of the industry and he just want to take some cash and free himself from the responsibilities and possible liabilities. For example a book author sells the copyrights of his book to a publisher and as he takes money from him, he no longer has any rights on his book and the publisher can do whatever he wants with the book i.e. publish it, market it or sell it to a film producer.

Key Elements to include in the Assignment of Copyright:

  • Name of the actual copyright owner with complete address
  • Name of the person who is going to acquire the copyrights i.e. assignee with complete address
  • Date when the assignment of copyright is being signed by the parties
  • Details of the copyright being transferred to the assignee
  • Reasons of assigning the copyrights to the assignee explained by the assignor
  • Compensation offered by the assignee in exchange for the copyrights
  • Jurisdictions, limitations and validation of the assignment as explained by the assignor
  • Terms and conditions of the agreement
  • Expiration, validation and termination of the agreement
  • Boundaries to use and resale the copyrights as explained by the assignor (if applicable)
  • Signature of all parties involved in the assignment process i.e. assignor, assignee and witnesses

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Form for Assignment of Copyright

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