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Grant Proposal Templates

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Grant proposal pay the most crucial role in supporting charities for either big or small causes. So, if you are planning to raise funds for any cause then you need to write a Grant Proposal. Grant Proposals should be written in the most professional manner to impact the granters’ psyche. Thus there are certain steps and guidelines that you need to follow while composing the one. In this article I am going to give you all the bits and bobs regarding Grant Proposal, and guidelines to write one.

What is a Grant Proposal?

Well, Grant Proposal is a document written to get aids for certain charity projects. Philanthropic agencies and charity organizations write such proposals to the investors to convey their ideas and get aid for their certain welfare projects. This is the reason context of the Grant Proposal matters a lot. Moreover, a Grant Proposal usually works in two simple yet time taking steps; such as:

Firstly you send inquiry letters to different organizations or companies to see if your project meets their interest or not. Usually three sources are considered as majors to offer grants including foundations, corporations and government agencies hence you need to send your Grant Inquiry Letters to them. In this step, you may have to send numerous letters to different organizations and once you find a firm interested in your project then here comes the role of second Grant Proposal step.

And, now the second step: it requires more attention as here a complete Grant Proposal will be written to be sent to the firm you requested to fund your charity. So, the context of your Grant Proposal matters a lot, as stated above. Thus, you may hire a writer with dynamic writing record. Anyhow, if you are attempting to write this Grant Proposal by yourself then consider the following things:

Grant Proposal Format

Format should be professional and must contain following things:

  • A well written cover letter.
  • An amount of Grant you need for your project.
  • Complete summary of your Charity/ Philanthropic Project (in this step you will write how you are going to use the funded money etc.).
  • Summary should not be more than 25 pages and less than 5 pages.

Some companies and firms now work with online process, if you are applying for a grant to such company, then you may need to submit your Grant Proposal Application online. Before filling online form, do complete homework so that you may not fill up a wrong form or a right form in a wrong format.

Free Grant Proposal Templates

Here are previews and download links for these free Grant Proposal Templates.

Crafting a proposal for graduate-level funding is a competitive and complex undertaking. This guide provides general insight and advice regarding the proposal writing process and is intended to be used as a starting point. Please note that a variety of types of support are available and proposal requirements vary significantly by agency and discipline, so you must pay close attention to the application directions and follow them exactly. Presenting a complete and articulate proposal is equally important to the success of your application as making a sound and convincing argument for your project.

Grant Proposal Template 01

Here is download link for this Proposal Template in MS Word as well as in PDF format.

It is important for us to know why funding for this proposal is needed and how it can contribute to improving student learning outcomes with instructional technology. Provide background information for the project that explains why this project is important within the context of the Delta State academic community, as well as your department.

Here is another good looking Grant Proposal Template in MS Word as well as in PDF Format.

Grant Proposal Template 02

Download this Grant Proposal Template.

Checkout another Grant Proposal Template that outlines how to write a compelling and professional Grant Proposal for any industry.

Grant Proposal Template 03

Moreover, here are some big organizations with busy schedules, which don’t have much time to go through a Grant Proposal Summary containing 25 pages. Hence they may ask from you to send them a proposal letter. Proposal works in the same way as of Proposal Summary but it is lesser in size as it is based on maximum of 4 to 5 pages. You will have to cover all the details regarding your project in a professional manner but in a more converse manner.

When you are done with Grant Proposal writing, post it to the firm you are requesting for proposal and if it would be well written, you will surely get funds for your schemes.

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