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Incumbency Certificate Template

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Here is a an Incumbency Certificate Template both in PDF and Text to help you prepare your own quickly.

An Incumbency Certificate is an official document issued by companies and corporations that lists the names of incumbent directors, partners, and upper management employees, along with their designations and the authorities they hold to conduct business on behalf of the company. This certificate is essential when a director, partner, or senior employee needs to prove their position and authority to act on the company’s behalf in business dealings.

Brief Description of the Incumbency Certificate

In both small companies and large global organizations, it is often impractical for owners and key partners to attend every client meeting or business negotiation personally. Instead, they delegate these responsibilities to other members of the management team. An Incumbency Certificate authorizes these individuals to make decisions and conduct business without needing further approval from the board of directors or other shareholders. This document reassures other companies or clients that the person they are dealing with has the legitimate authority to represent the company.

Key Elements to Include in the Incumbency Certificate

  1. Company Information:
    • Name of the company
    • Trademark and registration number
    • Type of business or trading the company conducts
  2. Ownership Details:
    • Names of the owners
    • Names of the partners and shareholders
  3. Authorized Personnel:
    • Name of the authorized person or director who appoints upper-level managers
    • Name of the employee authorized to conduct business on behalf of the company
    • Designation or position of that employee
  4. Employment Details:
    • Details of the employee’s authority and rights within the company
    • Date of the employee’s hire
    • Sworn statement authorizing the employee to conduct business
  5. Authentication:
    • Signature of the director or owner
    • Date of the certificate

Free Incumbency Certificate Template{PDF Form}

Here is preview of a free sample Incumbency Certificate Template created in Fillable PDF Format,

Incumbency Certificate Template

Here is download link for this Incumbency Certificate Template,

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Importance and Uses of the Incumbency Certificate

  • Proof of Authority: Ensures that the person conducting business on behalf of the company is legally authorized to do so.
  • Legal Assurance: Provides legal proof of the employee’s authority to make binding decisions and enter into agreements.
  • Business Efficiency: Facilitates smoother business operations by allowing authorized employees to act independently.

Sample Incumbency Certificate

Here’s a sample template to help you draft an Incumbency Certificate:

[Company Letterhead]


Date: [Date]

To Whom It May Concern:

This is to certify that the following individuals are incumbent directors, partners, and senior management of [Company Name], a company duly registered and incorporated under the laws of [State/Country], with registration number [Registration Number].

Company Information:

  • Company Name: [Company Name]
  • Trademark Number: [Trademark Number]
  • Type of Business: [Type of Business]

Ownership and Partnership Details:

  • Owner(s): [Owner’s Name(s)]
  • Partner(s) and Shareholder(s): [Partner’s and Shareholder’s Name(s)]

Authorized Personnel:

  • Appointing Director: [Appointing Director’s Name]
  • Authorized Employee: [Authorized Employee’s Name]
  • Designation: [Employee’s Designation]
  • Date of Employment: [Date of Employment]

Authority and Rights:

  • The above-named employee is hereby authorized to conduct business, make decisions, and enter into agreements on behalf of [Company Name] without further consultation with other directors or shareholders. This authority includes, but is not limited to, negotiating contracts, signing documents, and making binding commitments.

Sworn Statement: I, [Appointing Director’s Name], a director of [Company Name], hereby affirm that [Authorized Employee’s Name] has the authority to conduct business on behalf of the company as stated above.


[Appointing Director’s Name]
[Appointing Director’s Title]

Importance and Uses of the Incumbency Certificate

The Incumbency Certificate is crucial when companies conduct business through directors and partners without involving CEOs or owners. It ensures that the person making decisions on behalf of the company is authorized, providing legal proof and helping to avoid disputes or misunderstandings in business dealings.

By following these guidelines and using the sample template, you can effectively create an Incumbency Certificate that ensures clarity and legal compliance in your business operations.

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