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Incumbency Certificate Template

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Incumbency Certificate Template

Allow me to share with you an Incumbency Certificate Template to help you create your own Incumbency Certificate quickly. An Incumbency Certificate is usually refer to official document issued by the companies and corporations including the names of the incumbent directors, partners and employees of upper management in the company along with their designations in the company and authorities have in order to conduct business on behalf of the company. When a director, partner or an upper level employee wants to conduct business on behalf of the company. He is required to present the incumbency certificate stating his position in the company and his authority to conduct the business without concerning the directors and other partners.

Brief Description of the Incumbency Certificate:

Whether it is a small company or a big global organization, it is not possible for the owners and key partners of the company to be presented in every meeting with the clients and make the deal by themselves but they have to send other members of the management or administrators to meet with the clients and other companies to finalize the deals and conduct business on behalf of the company. In order to give them permission and authorize their sole decisions, the owner or members of board of directors of the company are required to create the incumbency certificate and mention in that document that they allow the named employee to conduct business without concerning other directors and shareholders. If other companies or clients ask the employee to show an authority letter in order to legalize the deal they made, the employee can show them this incumbency certificate in order to satisfy them.

Key Elements to include in the Incumbency Certificate:

  • Name of the company with trademark and registration number
  • Details of the type of business or trading the company conducts in the market
  • Name(s) of the owners of the company
  • Names of the partners and shareholders of the company
  • Name of the authorized person or director who hires upper level managers and administrators to conduct business on behalf of the company
  • Name of the employee (i.e. manager, partner or director) who is authorized to conduct business on behalf of the company
  • Designation or position of that employee in the company
  • Detail of the authority and rights of that employee in the company
  • Details of the employment of that employee
  • Date when that employee was hired
  • Sworn statement of the director to allow a particular employee named in the certificate to conduct business on behalf of the company
  • Signature of the director or owner of the company to authenticate the certificate

Importance and uses of the Incumbency Certificate:

Sometimes when companies conduct business with other companies through their directors and partners without involving the CEOs or owners of the company, they want to make sure if the person who they are dealing with is capable to make the decision and if by making the decision with that person, the client can held the company responsible for any liability, they require some legal proof by the employee, director or partner and in that case, this incumbency certificate can be used.

Here is preview of a free sample Incumbency Certificate Template created in Fillable PDF Format,

Incumbency Certificate Template

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Download Incumbency Certificate Template

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