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Individual Acknowledgement Affidavit Form

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An affidavit is kind of an oath or a sworn statement which is signed by an individual indicating that he is signing the statement without any pressure or force from someone else and he is going to accept all the responsibilities and consequences after signing the statement.

What is meant by Individual Acknowledgement?

There is a very little difference in verification and acknowledgement. There are some situations in which it is not enough to verify a particular document by a department but the person who signed the document needs to be presented personally in front of the clerk of the department and acknowledge that he in fact signed the document and takes all the responsibility or liabilities that might come with signing the document. This is known as acknowledgement by an individual.

Key elements to include in the Individual Acknowledgement Affidavit Form:

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There are four key elements or parts of an individual acknowledgement affidavit including the venue, body of the affidavit, individual’s signature and Official ID. All the essential elements of an affidavit are included in these four parts. The venue explains the place where the affidavit was signed i.e. notary public or commonwealth department. The body of the acknowledgement affidavit includes the sworn statement by the individual indicating towards the fact that the signer is signing for. The signature makes the affidavit legal and valid and it indicates that the signer was presented in front of the notary public to sign the affidavit. The last part of the affidavit which is the jurat is the sworn statement or verification by the notary public that the signer was presented in front of the clerk and he signed the affidavit by himself.

  • Name of the person who is acknowledging the affidavit by signing it
  • Date when the signer is signing the affidavit
  • Name and address of the notary public department where the affidavit is signed
  • Acknowledgement statement including the key description and the name of the signer
  • Sworn statement by the signer that he is signing the statement without any force or pressure from a third person
  • Signature of the individual and the notary public clerk

Here is preview of a Free Sample Individual Acknowledgement Affidavit created as fill-able PDF form,


Individual Acknowledgement Affidavit

Here is download link for this Individual Acknowledgement Affidavit,

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