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Invitation Letter to Quote Price of Goods

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Invitation Letter to Quote

Invitation to quote price of goods is a formal and business letter that is written and send by companies or buyers who want to invite potential suppliers and vendors to provide their prices for the goods or items that a company needs. This letter is a formal request to the suppliers and vendors in a market asking them to send prices or quotations for the goods that an individual or a company needs.

Importance of the Invitation to Quote Price of Goods:

As an individual, it may be something that you don’t need but for companies and organizations, this invitation letter is very important. You can buy stuff from any store that you like as an individual but you need to understand that companies don’t buy single units and most commonly, they purchase bulk quantities of goods and items. For example, if you need a box of pens, you can go to any stationary store and buy the pens but when a company needs pens, it buys bulk quantity of pens in order to decrease the price and get discount. It is not easy or convenient for the organizations and businesses to meet with each potential supplier and ask for their price quotations.

In order to make the process simple and quick, companies invite vendors and suppliers to provide their prices and quotations for the goods that a company requires. This way the supplier with the least price or biggest discount wins the invitation and the company can pick him as an exclusive supplier. Unlike formal meetings and negotiations between buyers and suppliers, this invitation gives upper hand to the buyer and the supplier is forced to quote lowest price possible for the goods.

How to write the Invitation to Quote Price of Goods Professionally?

There are many websites on internet that offer professional help for writing an invitation to quote price for goods but they also require some charges. If you want to do it by yourself without paying anything, you can create this invitation with just a computer. You need to address the suppliers at the beginning of the invitation and after that, enlist the goods or items that you need. You can also provide a price range for the quotes or leave it for the suppliers if you want. After that, describe what quality level you want for the goods so that suppliers don’t quote for low quality or cheap goods.

Once this is done, give a deadline for the suppliers to send their quotations and inform them how many days you need in order to choose a supplier. At the end of the invitation, you need to provide your contact details and the most convenient way for the suppliers to provide/send their price quotations i.e. email or post. If you want more discounts from the suppliers on the price quotation, you can also mention that you will need the same goods many times later and the supplier with lowest price will be the exclusive supplier for your company in future.

Here is preview of a Free Fillable Invitation Letter to Quote Price of Goods,

Invitation Letter to Quote

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