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Notice of Election to Cancel

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When members of board of directors of a corporation decide to delay or cancel the upcoming election, they need to notify all the key members of the organization in order to inform them about the cancellation and to let them reschedule their timetable according to the cancellation or delay of the election. This is done by sending them the formal notice of election to cancel either via post or by email.

Brief description of the Notice of Election to Cancel:

Notice of election to cancel is a very important notification letter that is sent in case the election committee in a corporation decides to either delay or cancel the upcoming election. The election can be for anything from choosing new members of board of directors to the decision of adding new partners in the company. When there is an election, all the key members of an organization are invited and required to attend the election and vote. For this purpose, these key members are informed at least 1 month prior to the election date so that they can schedule their visit. In case the election is cancelled, it is really important to inform the important participants and voters of the election because it is possible that some of them will travel from different countries of the world and make good effort to attend and vote in the election. The formal notification to all the partners, shareholders and members of board of directors is sent by the notice of election to cancel letter.

Key elements to include in the Notice of Election to Cancel:

  • Name of the person who is sending the notice (i.e. secretary of election committee)
  • Names of the partners, shareholders and directors who will receive the notice
  • Date when the notice is being sent
  • Details of the pre-defined schedule of the election with particulars i.e. date, time, purpose etc
  • Precise statement that the election is cancelled or delayed
  • Name of the director or partner who cancelled or delayed the election
  • Reasons to cancel the election (not necessary)
  • New date of the election (if applicable)
  • Signature of the secretary of the election committee

Importance and uses of Notice of Election to Cancel:

When we talk about the importance of notice of election to cancel, you can understand that there are dozens of partners and directors in each corporation that don’t visit their offices on regular basis which means most of the news and updates they receive, are sent by mail or email. Previously if a director or partner has received a schedule for an election to be held on a specific date, it is important to inform all of them that the election is cancelled and they don’t need to schedule their visit for voting purposes. As well as when it comes to the use of this notice letter, this is used in organizations and corporations around the world only for this specific purpose i.e. to inform the important personnel of an organization about the cancellation of an election.

Here is preview of a free sample Notice of Election to Cancel created as fillable PDF form,


Notice of Election to Cancel

Here is download link for this Notice of Election to Cancel,


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