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Notice to Cancel Back-ordered Goods

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Allow me to share with you this Sample Notice to Cancel Back-ordered Goods in the text as well as a PDF Form to help you generate such notices quickly.

When a supplier experiences a temporary shortage of items or goods in a warehouse, they may ship orders in multiple deliveries. This results in the buyer receiving the full order in different parts. Upon receiving the initial delivery, the buyer may notice that the order is incomplete and that additional shipments are pending. If the buyer no longer wishes to receive the back-ordered goods, they have the right to cancel the order and notify the supplier. This is done through a formal notice to cancel back-ordered goods.

Importance of the Notice to Cancel Back-ordered Goods

  1. Quality Concerns:
    • Buyers may worry that rushing production to fulfill back orders could compromise the quality of goods.
  2. Timeliness:
    • Late deliveries may render the goods unnecessary or impractical for the buyer’s needs.
  3. Legal Rights:
    • Buyers have the legal right to cancel orders if the supplier fails to deliver on time as agreed.

Purpose of the Notice

Buyers may use the notice to:

  • Cancel the back-ordered goods.
  • Inform the supplier of the failure to deliver on time.
  • Request a refund for the payment made.
  • Ask the supplier to retain the payment and adjust it for a future order.
  • Seek compensation or penalty for late delivery.

Free Notice to Cancel Back-ordered Goods {PDF Form}

Here is a preview of a Free Fillable Notice to Cancel Back-ordered Goods,

Notice to Cancel Back-ordered Goods

Note: The green buttons at the header will not appear in print. They are placed just to help you clear, store or retrieve stored data quickly. 


Here is the download link for this Notice to Cancel Back-ordered Goods,

pdf download button

Useful Tips for Writing the Notice to Cancel Back-ordered Goods

  1. Specify Order Details:
    • Include the order number, item descriptions, and quantities.
  2. Mention Important Dates:
    • Order placement date.
    • Order acceptance date.
    • Deadline for delivery.
    • Date when the initial part of the order was received.
  3. State Reasons Clearly:
    • Explain why you are canceling the back-ordered goods.
  4. Specify Desired Action:
    • Request for a refund.
    • Request to adjust the payment for future orders.
    • Seek compensation for late delivery.

Sample Notice to Cancel Back-ordered Goods

Here’s a sample template for a notice to cancel back-ordered goods:

[Your Company Letterhead]

[Your Name]
[Your Position]
[Your Company Name]
[Your Address]
[City, State, ZIP Code]
[Email Address]
[Phone Number]

[Supplier’s Name]
[Supplier’s Company Name]
[Supplier’s Address]
[City, State, ZIP Code]

Dear [Supplier’s Name],

Subject: Notice to Cancel Back-ordered Goods – Order [Order Number]

I hope this letter finds you well. I am writing to formally cancel the back-ordered items from our order [Order Number], placed on [Order Date]. While we appreciate your efforts to fulfill our order, the delay has significantly impacted our operations.

Order Details:

  • Order Number: [Order Number]
  • Order Date: [Order Date]
  • Accepted Delivery Date: [Accepted Delivery Date]
  • Deadline for Delivery: [Deadline Date]
  • Date of Initial Delivery: [Date Received]

Items Received:

  • [Item 1 Description and Quantity]
  • [Item 2 Description and Quantity]

Given the delay and the need for timely delivery, we no longer wish to receive the remaining back-ordered goods. Therefore, we request the following action:

  1. Refund: Please process a full refund for the value of the back-ordered items.
  2. Future Adjustment: Alternatively, you may retain the payment and adjust it towards our next order.
  3. Compensation: We request compensation for the inconvenience caused by the late delivery, as stipulated in our agreement.

Please confirm receipt of this notice and inform us of the actions you will take to address this matter. We expect a prompt resolution to ensure that our business relationship remains intact.

Thank you for your immediate attention to this issue. Should you have any questions or require further information, please do not hesitate to contact me at [Your Contact Information].


[Your Name]
[Your Position]
[Your Signature]

By following these guidelines and using the sample template, you can effectively communicate your decision to cancel the back-ordered goods due to the supplier’s failure to meet the delivery deadline, ensuring a clear and professional approach to resolving the issue.

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