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Notice to Cancel Delayed Goods

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When a buyer finds out that the items or goods that he ordered with a supplier, won’t be delivered on time, he either can wait to receive the shipment later the deadline or he can cancel the order and ask the supplier to refund the payment. This becomes more crucial when the supplier agrees to deliver the order within a deadline and when he doesn’t; the buyer has the right to cancel the order. In order to cancel the delayed goods, as a buyer, you need to send this notice to the supplier informing him that the order is late and now you don’t want him to make the delivery.

Importance of Notice to Cancel Delayed Goods:

As an individual, you may think that it’s not a big deal if a supplier doesn’t deliver your order on time but as a company or organization, you need to keep a schedule or you can lose money and resources. This is why when a company sees that a supplier didn’t make the delivery of an order on time, it has to cancel the order because it is possible that after the deadline, the order isn’t good enough for the company or they already have asked another supplier to make the delivery. In either case, it is really important to inform the supplier about his mistake and to notify what the buyer wants to do next. It can be refund of the payment made before for the order or some kind of compensation i.e. discount on late delivery. This depends on each situation and what buyer wants after he doesn’t get his order on time. All this is done with the notice to cancel the delayed goods that is written to the supplier by the buyer.

Useful Tips for Writing the Notice to Cancel Delayed Goods:

When you find out that the supplier didn’t deliver the order on time as he agreed in the purchase order and agreement, you need to write this formal notice to him informing him and asking him for compensation that you want. You can get help from these useful tips for writing this notice letter. First, you need to include the reference number of the order that you placed with the agreement that you signed with the supplier and the fact that he agreed to make the payment before deadline. Second, you need to mention the dates important in this process i.e. the date when you placed the order, the deadline before the supplier agreed to make the delivery and the date when you actually received the order after deadline or didn’t receive it at all. After that, you need to inform the supplier what you want to do in the situation as it can be anything that you want. It can be refund of your payment because of late delivery or credit the amount for next order or if you want the supplier to pay a fine or penalty for not keeping his promise and causing you trouble with late delivery.

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