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Sample Notice to Reclaim Goods

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When a supplier wants to acquire shipped good back due to any reason. He requires to inform the buyer about the situation and ask him to return the goods. This can be because of the reason(s) that he describes in the formal notice. The notice to reclaim goods is used for this purpose.

Importance of the notice to Reclaim Goods:

There are many situations when a supplier wants to reacquire his goods back from a buyer. For example, the supplier finds out that there is a defect in the goods claimed by the manufacturer. And all the shipped units should be returned to the manufacturer. So the supplier informs the buyer about this matter and asks him to return the goods. Another example for writing this notice is that the supplier finds out that the buyer is bankrupt or didn’t make the payment as per PO agreement. Hence he has the legal right to ask the buyer to return the goods due to insufficient payment. The formal notice to reclaim goods is used for this purpose. This is form of a letter in which the writer inform the buyer about what he wants and ask him to send the shipped goods back to the supplier.

You can understand that when a supplier makes a shipment of goods, He needs to be paid because he has to pay for the goods to the manufacturer and to the Currier services for their work. This money comes from the buyer and if he denies paying or declares bankruptcy. The supplier has the right to reclaim his goods in order to cope with the financial loss. As a supplier, you can understand that if a buyer can’t pay for the goods he received. Your money is gone as well as the goods but with this notice. You have one last chance of getting your goods back before you file a legal complaint against the buyer. Th is can involve going through a long period of court hearings and legal procedures.

Useful Tips for Writing Notice to Reclaim Goods:

This is a formal business letter and you have to use a professional tone in this notice. It is not good to use a rude language or bad words for the buyer. Even if he didn’t make the payment or broke his promise. You need to politely inform him about why you want to reclaim the goods. It can be because of anything i.e. buyer gone bankrupt. He didn’t make the payment on time, and he denied paying on delivery or any other reason. In the notice, you need to mention the details and specification of the order that the buyer placed with you. Also you can mention the date of placement of order and the details of payment that the buyer agreed on. You also need to explain if the buyer doesn’t return the goods, what you will do next. Here you should explain the outcomes of breaking the agreement or not agreeing to return the goods i.e. law suit, penalty, financial compensation or no discount for next order.

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Notice to Reclaim Goods

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