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Partial Shipment Request Letter

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Partial Shipment Request Letter

When a buyer or the supplier feels a difficult situation and wants to inform the other party that he wants an early shipment of the order whether the supplier has got the entire order or has to deliver a partial order, they write this formal notice of partial shipment request to the other party and ask them to send the order even if it’s incomplete.

Importance of Partial Shipment Request Letter:

There are many situations when a buyer requests the supplier to make an early delivery even if it has to be partial or when the supplier requests the buyer to receive an early shipment with incomplete order. For example, a buyer finds out that even if agreed to receive 10 units of a product due next month, he needs some of them on urgent basis. So, he writes this formal request letter to the supplier and explains his situation and asks him to make a partial delivery on early basis. In this situation, it depends on the supplier if he agrees to make the partial shipment or denies the request. On the other hand, when a supplier finds out that he won’t be able to pay the manufacturer for the full order unless he gets some money from the buyer first. So, he writes this formal request to the buyer asking him to receive a partial delivery and pay for the units that he receive.

Another situation is when a buyer wants an early delivery and writes a formal request to the supplier but as they both agreed on a later date to deliver the order, the supplier can’t arrange the full order so he informs the buyer that he can make a partial delivery on urgent basis. In these situations, the partial shipment request comes handy as it allows both parties i.e. buyer and supplier to renegotiate the terms and conditions of purchase order and agreement. It is not common but when a party in this situation has the upper hand, they can ask for discount or financial compensation i.e. the buyer wants a discount on partial delivery or the supplier wants more money for making a partial shipment earlier than the due date.

Useful tips for writing Partial Shipment Request Letter:

In order to write this formal request of partial delivery, you need to take care of some important elements and include necessary essentials in the letter. The actual elements depend on each situation but most commonly you need to include; the reference number of the order that both of you agreed to, the reference number to the purchase order or PO agreement that you both signed, the details of your situation due to which, you need a partial shipment on early basis, the compensation that you are willing to give to other party, the payment details and the due date before which you actually need the partial delivery. Also, you need to address the proper person at the other end i.e. purchase manager, supplier in the vending company or any other person who is in charge of the order that you placed.

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Partial Shipment Request Letter


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