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Partnership Acknowledgement Letter Sample

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Partnership Acknowledgement Letter

Allow me share with you this Partnership Acknowledgement Letter Sample to help you writing such letter.

A partnership acknowledgement is an agreement or a written statement by a partner in a company stating that he is actually a partner in the mentioned company or corporation and by signing the acknowledgement; he takes all the responsibilities that come with the partnership in the mentioned corporation. This is a legal document to use in many cases but most importantly, when there is a liability on a company. The case filing party can use the partnership acknowledgement to prove that the people in the case are definitely partners in the company hence responsible for the liability.

Brief description of the Partnership Acknowledgement:

When you invest in a company and become a partner either general or common, you don’t only get to enjoy the profit that the company makes but you also need to take responsibility of all liabilities that might come with the business. For example, if a supplier claims that your company hasn’t made the payment even if the agreed date is passed. He wants to file a law suit against your company and the partners. You will need to stand with the other partners and face the legal situations in order to solve the matter.

This explains that it is possible if there is a liability or possibility of it, a partner might back off from taking the responsibility. This is why the partnership acknowledgement is signed in order to prove the part and role of each partner in the operations and working of the company. This acknowledgement is signed in the notary department in front of a clerk or authorized person and that person also need to sign the acknowledgement along with the acknowledger in order to authenticate the acknowledgement.

Key elements to include in the Partnership Acknowledgement:

  • Name of state and country for record purposes
  • Name of the company that is under discussion in the acknowledgement
  • Proper date of signing this acknowledgement
  • Name of the partner or group of partners who are signing the acknowledgement
  • Names of the owners, directors and stockholders of the company that is under discussion in the acknowledgement
  • Details of the acknowledgement signed and sworn by the acknowledgers
  • Signature of the partner or group of partners who are taking acknowledgement
  • Signature of the notary public clerk or an authorized person assigned for this purpose

Importance and uses of the Partnership Acknowledgement:

From the above given content, you can easily understand that this document or agreement is only used for partnership purposes in companies and organizations. When a company includes new partners, they are asked to sign this acknowledgement in order to make their partnership legal and authenticated where on the other hand, this acknowledgement document also proves that the mentioned person in the acknowledgement is in fact the partner in the company and the directors or general partner allows him to make deals with other companies on behalf of the organization.

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Partnership Acknowledgement Letter

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