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Payment Receipt Template (by an Agent)

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When a person or a company hires a third person to receive or recover cash from the clients or a debtor, this person is known as an agent. This agent represents the company and has all the rights to meet with the debtors or clients and ask them for the money they owe to the company. He also has the authority to receive the cash on behalf of the company and deposit the cash in the company account. In order to insure the depositor that he has made the deposit with the company and now he doesn’t owe anything to the company, the agent is required to sign a receipt with his name, date when he received the cash and the name of the debtor with his signature. In future, if the same debtor is accused of not depositing the money to the company, he can use this receipt as a proof of his payment to the agent.

Payment Receipt in Full by an Agent:

There are many companies that hire a special person for the recovery of funds and payments from their clients and debtors. You can understand that when a company has hundreds of clients and each of them owes different amount of money to the company, there is not enough time for the company management to go after each client and ask them for the money. Instead, companies hire special recovery employees called the agents. These agents work on behalf of the company, meet with the clients, ask them for the money and receive the money on behalf of the company. When a client gives money to an agent, the agent is required to fill out a receipt with the name of the client, the amount and the date when the received it. Then he needs to sign the receipt and give it to the client as proof of deposit of the payment. This receipt is very important for all the involved parties i.e. company, agent and the client. The client can use this receipt to prove that he made the payment and gave it to the agent where on the other hand, the agent can use the receipt in order to record the deposit in the books of the company.

Key Elements to include in the Receipt in Full by an Agent:

  • Name of the issuer who is issuing the cash receipt i.e. the agent
  • Name of the company or business that the agent is representing with address
  • Details of the cash received by the company i.e. amount of money
  • Name of the person who is giving the cash to the agent
  • Reference number of the purchase order for the deposit of the payment
  • Date when the cash was received by the agent
  • Date when the cash receipt was issued
  • Reference number of the receipt for record purposes
  • Items sold or purchased with the cash
  • Signature of the receiver of cash i.e. the agent and depositor

Free Payment Receipt Template

Here is preview of a Free Sample Sample Receipt in Full by an Agent created as fill-able PDF Format,


Sample Receipt in Full by an Agent

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Here is preview of a Sample Receipt in Full by an Agent to An Agent,


Sample Receipt in Full by an Agent To an Agent


Download link for a Sample Receipt in Full by an Agent to An Agent.

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