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Product Defect Claim Form

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Product Defect Claim Form

When a buyer finds out a defect or manufacturing problem in an order that he received earlier, he has the legal right to inform the supplier about the situation and ask for warranty claim to either refund the payment or return the goods to be exchanged with non-defective goods. In either case, the buyer is required to formally inform the supplier about the defect in an order and it’s done with the product defect claim form. This is a legal form or kind of a notice to the supplier sent by the buyer in order to claim the warranty.

Importance of Product Defect Claim Form:

It is possible that when a buyer receives a product, he finds out a defect in it or encounters a defect after using it for a while. This can be a manufacturing defect, a product design defect or just a claim for not provided with the proper instruction to use or handle the product. In either case, you need to inform the supplier and explain your situation to him. This way you can ask for the warranty claim that the supplier provided with the product. With this product defect claim letter, you can ask the supplier to either refund your money or replace the defective product with a new one depending on what you want.

Key Elements to include in the Product Defect Claim Form:

  1. Addressing to proper person:
    The first element of this form is to address the proper person at the other end. This refers to the person who is in charge in the supplying company and will receive the letter. You can contact the supplier and find out who is the supervisor of warranty claims and then address him properly in the claim form.
  2. Giving references to the order:
    You also need to add the proper reference number of the order that you placed with the supplier. This way you can provide proper details of the order that you want to return due to defects.
  3. Mentioning the dates properly:
    Another important element of this claim form is to mention the correct dates when you placed the order, signed the PO agreement, when you received the order, the date when you find the defect, the date when you are writing this claim form and the due date before which the supplier needs to respond to you.
  4. Explaining the defects in the product:
    The most important element of this claim notice is to explain and describe what kind of defects you encountered with, in the order that you received. Here you can also explain the nature of the defect i.e. manufacturing defect, design defect or failure providing proper instruction to handle the product.
  5. Giving reference to the warranty:
    Here you need to explain what kind of warranty you got with the order you placed and now that you have encountered a defect in the product, what you want to do with it. It can be a refund of your payment, replacement of the defective goods with healthy products or repair of the product.
  6. Attaching required documents with the form:
    Another important element of this claim form is that you need to attach all the required documents with the letter. It includes the original PO, the PO agreement signed by you and the supplier, the payment order and the warranty claim form provided by the supplier.

Here is preview of a Free Fillable Product Defect Claim Form created in PDF Format,

Product Defect Claim Form

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Download Product Defect Claim Form

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