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Product Defect Notice

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Product Defect Notice

If a buyer or client finds some defects in a product, he is required to inform the supplier in order to claim the warranty of the product or take further steps. The product defect notice is a formal letter that is used for this purpose. Although this is a formal letter but you don’t need to hire any professional to draft the content. You can easily write a few sentences by yourself informing the supplier about the product you received and the defect(s) it has followed by the instruction about what you want to do next i.e. refund, repair or replacement of the product.

Importance of Product Defect Notice:

As a buyer when you pay for a product, you have all the rights to be given a good and fully operational product. You don’t need to ignore if you find a defect in a product you received by a supplier and more importantly, when there is warranty with the product, you don’t need to pay for the repair by yourself but you need to inform the supplier and ask him to take care of this problem. The formal product defect notice is the letter that you write to a supplier in order to inform him that the product(s) he sent earlier have defect(s) and you want him to either replace it with a new one or refund the money you paid him.

But, before you write this notice, you should understand the types of defects. There are manufacturing defects, design defects and lake of instructions to use the product. If the product has manufacturing defects or design defects, you have the right to ask for refund of your money or replacement for the defected product but if the defect happened because the supplier didn’t provide you proper instructions, you just need to ask the supplier to repair the product and provide you with proper instructions next time. In either case, you have this letter to serve this purpose for you.

Useful Tips for Writing Product Defect Notice:

As it’s said earlier that this is a formal letter but that doesn’t mean you need a lawyer to draft the content. You just need to take care of some elements and you will be fine. First, you need to make sure that even if you are really angry at the supplier because of broken product, it’s not a reason to use rude tone in the letter. Make sure to use a normal and polite tone and ask the warranty claim with patience. Second, you need to mention the order that you placed with the supplier with the date followed by the date when you actually received the letter. Then you should discuss what type of defect(s) the product has followed by the warranty claim that you got with the product. At the end, you need to tell the supplier about what you want him to do with the defected product i.e. refund your money that you paid for the product, replace the product with a new one or provide repairing services to fix it.

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Product Defect Notice

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