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Purchase Requisition Forms

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Usually, when a company hires employees, it’s the duty of the managers or supervisors to ensure that all the employee workers have the necessary equipment and stationery stuff to perform their duties. These items usually include a work desk, a chair, a computer, and other items that are provided in the office for everyone’s use i.e. a document scanner or photocopier. Purchase Requisition forms make the work easier for the employees. By using them, they can request the purchase of necessary goods or services to perform their tasks smoothly.

There are certain situations where an employee might need something that is unique to his situation or there is something required for everyone in the office. In this scenario, an employee is required to fill out a request form and submit it to the purchasing department. This document is known as the purchase requisition form. This is an internal form that the employees of an organization fill out to request the purchase of an item that they need.

Difference Between the Purchase Requisition Form and Purchase Order:

Purchase Requisition and Purchase Order are two key documents for all businesses. They allow you to plan the purchase and budget and provide proof of spending. Still, many business owners are not familiar with these documents. As a result, people misuse these documents.

Purchase Requisition:

A purchase requisition is a document your employee creates to request a purchase of goods or services to fulfill the need. When you create a purchase requisition form and put the details in it, you are not purchasing anything. It means to just start the process to buy something that is necessary to perform any task.
Basically, a purchase requisition is used to file an order request. In this way, an employee can easily explain what he needs and how much the company has to pay to buy the product or the service.

Purchase Order:

A purchase order is a document that clearly outlines the details of the actual purchase. When a purchase requisition is approved, then a purchase order is created. A purchase order is not an invoice. Once a purchase order is finalized and approved, then it becomes a legally binding document.

In this post, we have posted 05 free and editable purchase requisitions forms. These templates are created by our professionals. So don’t worry about anything. Because these templates will help you a lot in preparing your own purchase requisition form. With the help of these templates, the employees can easily create a purchase requisition after putting the details in the specified spaces quickly. After that, you can save this purchase requisition on your PC, tablet, or phone for future use.

To download our templates, just hit the download button and you will have your template in no time. A pre-formatted template saves a lot of your time and makes things easier for you.

Free Purchase Requisition Forms:

Free Purchase Requisition Form 01

Here is the download link for this Purchase Requisition Form 01 in PDF Format.

Download PDF Form


Free Purchase Requisition Form 02

The download link for this Purchase Requisition Form 02 is below.

Download PDF Form


Free Purchase Requisition Form 03

Here is the download link for this Purchase Requisition Form 03 in PDF Format.

Download PDF Form


Purchase Requisition Form 04

Here is the download link for this Purchase Requisition Form 04 in PDF Format.

Download PDF Form


Purchase Requisition Form 05

The download link for this Purchase Requisition Form 05 is here.

Download PDF Form


Key Elements of a Purchase Requisition Form:

  1. Details of the Requester:

    The formal purchase requisition form starts by adding the details of the person i.e. employee who is submitting the requisition for further process. This part should include the name of the employee, his designation, the department he works in, his employee code, and the name of his supervisor or HOD who has given approval for the purchase. The name of the HOD is important to mention because not every employee has the authorization or approval to make a purchase request and if the finance department or audit department later finds out that the employee doesn’t have approval, the application will be rejected.

  2. Date of the Requisition:

    The next part of the purchase requisition form includes the date on which the purchase requisition is prepared and submitted for approval. In most companies and organizations, there is a specific duration i.e. 1 week or 10 days in which each purchase requisition should be completed so this date becomes important if a purchase is not made within time. In some cases, the target date of the purchase is also important to mention as it allows all the relevant departments to process the application quicker to meet the required purchase date.

  3. Details of the Items Required:

    This is the main part of the purchase requisition form where the employee includes complete details of the items that he wants the purchasing department to purchase. Starting with the name of the item i.e. a laptop, its description i.e. Core i7 with 12GB RAM and 1TB of solid state hard drive, touch screen, and back-lit keyboard, its maker i.e. HP, Dell, Toshiba, and most importantly, the quantity or number of pieces that you need to purchase. Further, if the requisition is being made by an individual employee, he will only specify the requirements for himself and if he is writing the requisition on behalf of his department, they might require multiple items.

  4. Specific Reasons or Causes of the Purchase:

    One of the most important parts of the purchase requisition form is to clearly mention the reasons for requesting a purchase. For instance, if you are requesting to purchase a laptop, you can mention that your work requires you to go outside of the office very often and if you have a desktop computer, you can’t just take it with you outside. Rather, it makes more sense to have a laptop that you can just carry with you while meeting with clients outside the office.

  5. Details of the Supplier:

    In some organizations, it’s mandatory for the employees to do their research before submitting a purchase requisition form. In this research, they visit local vendors and suppliers to search for their required items and they try to gather multiple quotations to see which supplier is cheaper with better quality. Later they need to add this information to the requisition form so the purchasing department can use this information and process their requests on priority.

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