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Rejected Goods Notice

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Rejected Goods Notice

When a buyer receives an order that he placed with a supplier or vendor and finds out that there is a mistake in the order i.e. defective goods, damaged items, shortage, incomplete delivery or wrong delivery, he has the right to reject the delivery and inform the supplier about the mistake he made with the order. The formal rejected goods notice is used as the complaint letter sent by the buyer to the supplier informing him that the buyer won’t accept the delivery and sending back the order until the supplier sends the right order next time.

Importance of the Rejected Goods Notice:

When a buyer places and order with a supplier, they both know that they have to agree on mutual terms in order to seal the deal and conduct the business together and to make sure that both parties obey and respect the rights of other, the buyer and supplier sign a purchase contract. With this contract, the buyer has the right to receive correct order on time and the supplier has the right to ask for the payment on agreed schedule. With the purchase contract, no one can afford to violate the mutually agreed terms and conditions but still there are some situations in which the buyer has to reject an order due to some reasons. It can be because the items in the order were damaged, or the product was defected or the supplier either sent the wrong order or incomplete order.

Due to these reasons, the buyer has the right not to accept the order and formally inform the supplier about the mistake in the order. It is not very common but sometimes the buyer can also reject the order after receiving it later the due date. This way when the supplier breaks the deal of supplying the order on time, the buyer can reject it and ask for refund of this payment. In either case, the buyer has to formally inform the supplier about the reasons why he rejected the goods and it is done by sending the rejected goods order.

Useful tips for writing the Rejected Goods Notice:

The rejected goods notice is a simple letter that you can create by yourself and there is no need to include any legal professional i.e. lawyer. You need to include the reference of the order that you placed, and the details of the contract that you signed with the supplier, the money that you paid to the supplier and the dates when you placed the order and the supplier agreed to deliver the goods to you. After that, you need to explain the reasons why you rejected the goods either it’s because of wrong delivery or later shipment. Here you don’t need to be rude and make sure to keep a normal and polite tone with the correct choice of words. At the end, you should advise the supplier about what you want him to do i.e. refund the payment, deliver correct order or claim the warranty for damaged or defective goods.

Here is preview of a Free Sample Rejected Goods Notice created as Fillable PDF Form,

rejected goods notice

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