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Return to Work Forms

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There can be a lot of reasons for not attending the office or for taking a long and unexpected leave of absence. For instance, you had a medical condition i.e. infection, or you got injured in an accident and could not go to the office so you took medical leave. Or, you were expecting, and you took maternity leave for delivery from the office. In this situation, you can elaborate on everything easily with the help of return-to-work forms.

Other reasons might include going on vacation, taking exams, and attending marriage or funerals in the family. In either case, after taking a leave of absence from the office or workplace, when it’s finally time for you to go back to the office, you need to appropriately tell your supervisor or manager that you want to return to work. This is done with a formal letter or form known as a return to work form. Within this form, the most important element is the date on which you will go back to the office.

Key Elements of Return to Work Form:

  1. Details of the Employee:
    The notification of return to work starts with the details of the employee who is writing the letter. This part should include the full name of the employee, his father’s or her husband’s name, the department they work in, their supervisor’s name, their designation, and the name of the particular team they are a part of. Especially this part should include the employee code if it’s applicable. Usually in small organizations mentioning the name of the employee is more than enough because everyone knows everyone but for a large organization or multinational corporation, it’s important to add relevant details to locate the actual employee.
  2. Relevant Dates:
    This part is all about dates. First of all, the date on which you are sending the formal letter of return to work to your supervisor or manager should be mentioned below employed introduction. Then there should be the date on which you want to return to work. It can be anywhere between the very next day and the next week or after 1 month. Although it’s not required it’s better if you also mention the date on which you stopped going to work i.e. 1 month ago, 2 months ago, or even 6 months ago.
  3. Formal Statement of Returning:
    The next part of the return to work letter is where you specifically give a statement that you want to return to work. This starts with the explanation of why you took the leave of absence in the first place. For instance, you took maternity leave so here in the portion, you will state that you were expecting and you took maternity leave from the 1st of February 2021 and now that you had your child and you have spent 2 months with him, you think it’s the right time for you to return to work.
  4. Mention if HR is Notified:
    In some cases, sending the notification to your supervisor or manager is more than enough and if they want to address the news to someone else, they can do it themselves. In other cases, the employee is required by the organizational bylaws to also notify the HR department about their return to work notification simultaneously when they notify their supervisor. If you have also sent the same letter to the HR department, you should clearly inform your supervisor about it.
  5. Additional Information:
    At the end of the return to work form, you should mention any additional information or details, or instructions for your supervisor or manager. For instance, if there is someone else working on your position in your absence, now that you are returning to work, they should also go back to the department they came from. Or if you had your baby and now you are returning to work with the baby, allow your manager to make necessary arrangements in the office for the newborn baby.

To help you out, we have posted some free and high-quality return-to-work forms in MS Word Format. All of these templates are created by our own professionals by keeping the need of the users in the mind. All these templates provide you with the facility of customization.

Meanwhile, one can easily each and every one of these templates according to the need. So don’t waste your time here and there in the search for the right template because we listed the best return-to-work templates below. To get these templates, just hit the download button and your download will start quickly. After downloading and opening the template click on the enable editing option to see a clear view of the whole layout. By doing so, you will have an accurate view of the template.

Free Return to Work Forms:

Here are previews and download links for these Return to Work Forms in PDF Format.

Free Return to Work Form 01


Download PDF Form

Free Return to Work Form 02


Download PDF Form

Free Return to Work Form 03


Download PDF Form

Free Return to Work Form 04


Download PDF Form

Free Return to Work Form 05


Download PDF Form


Purpose of Return to Work Form:

A return to work form is a vital tool for large companies to understand the sequence of absences of a specific employee. In this way they can easily understand the situation of the employee if they are suffering from a severe problem then they can support their employee to get the best out of them as we all know that the employees are the base pillars of an organization. They know how to keep you at the top of the market. But is necessary to keep a check on the employee to know whether the employee is on the right or not.

Here are some steps that one should take after receiving the return to work form:

  • You should discourage unauthorized absences.
  • Check out the accuracy of an employee’s record.
  • You should inform the employee about the latest updates that have taken place in the absence.
  • Identify the adjustment that will perform the tasks of the employee during his/her absence.

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