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Sample Notice of Disputed Account

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Notice of Disputed Account

When there is a misunderstanding, confusion or some kind of error or mistake in the accounts or books, this problem is considered as disputed account. We can see these kinds of disputes in our daily life when a person claims that another owes him money where the other person simply denies the claim. Most of these disputes happen in companies where a supplier claims that the buyer owes him money or the buyer claims that the supplier haven’t delivered the entire order yet. In this situation the party who is claiming has the legal responsibility of informing the other party about the dispute and gives them a chance to sit together for settlement and resolution of the dispute.

Introduction to the Notice of Disputed Account:

When there is a disputed account regarding a client, customer or a supplier, the company or the individual customer has to inform the other party about the problem. A formal letter is sent to the other party that includes all the details of the dispute and possible solutions for settlement. This letter is known as the notice of disputed account. It is a simple letter that includes all the required details of the disputed account that the customer wants to settle along with an invitation to contact the customer and solve this matter on earliest convenience.

Factors you need to take care before writing the Notice of Disputed Account:

Before you write and send the notice of disputed account to an item supplier, you need to make sure that you are certain about your claim and there is no mistake on your end. It is possible that you accidently made an error and now that mistake is backfiring on you and you are dragging the supplier without any involvement from his end. Another thing to take care is to include all the required information and particulars in the notice i.e. date of purchase, details of order, details of the dispute and time in which the supplier is asked to respond to the notice. Also when you send the first notice to the supplier about the dispute, you need to keep a friendly tone in the letter and avoid using any deadlines or harsh words that could make the supplier angry. Keep in mind that there are many ways to resolve the problem without taking it too serious or making it more complicated than it’s supposed to.

Key elements to include in the Notice of Disputed Account:

  • Name of the customer who is disputing the account with complete address
  • Name of the supplier and company name with complete address
  • Date when the notice is being sent to the supplier
  • Details of the order placed with the supplier with particulars
  • Details of the dispute that the customer wants to settle with the supplier
  • Time frame for the supplier to respond to the customer for settlement
  • Legal actions that the customer can take in case of no respond from the supplier
  • Signature of the customer

Here is preview of a Free Sample Sample Notice of Disputed Account created as fill-able PDF Form,


Notice of Disputed Account

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Download Sample Notice of Disputed Account

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