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Second Notice of Overdue Account

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When a client or customer doesn’t make the payment to the company in time and the payment is pending for a long period of time, companies treat this kind of account as overdue account. In simple words, a client is required to make full payment before 15th of next month but if the doesn’t make the payment even after 15th has passed, this is an overdue account.

Second Notice of Overdue Account:

When a client or a customer owes money to a company, the company has legal responsibility of informing the client about the due payments with multiple notices before it can file a case against him. Usually there are only three notices required but most of the time when you send the first notice, there is some kind of respond and it’s a good step towards settlement of the account. But, if the client decides not to respond to the first notice, you need to send him a second notice. The only difference in the first and second notice for overdue payment is that in the second notice, you need to mention that it’s the second notice and you already have sent a notice previously. Although you don’t need to use strong words or any kinds of threats in the second notice but you can simply inform the client that if he still doesn’t respond to the notice, you have the right to file a case against him.

Useful tips for writing Second Notice of Overdue Account:

  1. Keep it friendly:
    Even if you have reminded the client before, there is no need to be harsh in the second letter but you still need to keep a smooth and friendly tone in order to get the things done without force or any legal dispute.
  2. Comprise all the required details:
    When you create this notice, always double check everything that you included in the notice. This way if you have missed anything or made an error in the figures or numbers, you can remove it in time before it’s too late.
  3. Avoid sending generic notice:
    You remember that when you signed the agreement, you met with an employee in the other company who was in charge of your account. When you write this notice, remember that person and send this notice specifically to him. Always avoid using generic notices to the entire company.
  4. Keep record of every letter and notice:
    As you understand that when there is no respond after first notice, it indicates that this matter is going to take some time. This is why it’s really important that you keep record of every conversation and piece of communication between you and the client in order to use it as proof in case of a lawsuit.

Always be brief in the Notice:

There is no need to include stories in the Second Notice of Overdue Account but you need to brief about the due payment and the time frame in which you want the client or customer to make the payments. You don’t need to apologize or show like you think you are disturbing them with the notice.

Sample Second Notice of Overdue Account:

Here is preview of a Free Sample Second Notice of Overdue Account created as fill-able PDF Form,

Second Notice of Overdue Account

Here is download link for this Second Notice of Overdue Account,

Download PDF Form

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