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Special Release Affidavit Form

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There are basically two classes of affidavits including common affidavits and special release affidavits. Common affidavits can be used for any purpose and in any situation where the special release affidavits are only used in a certain situation and for a specific purpose. This way we can say that the common affidavits are used more than the special release affidavits. You can also checkout other types of Affidavit Forms on our separate page.

Key Elements to include in the Special Release Affidavit:

  • Name of the person who is signing the affidavit
  • Type of the affidavit
  • Specific purpose for which the signer is signing the affidavit
  • Sworn statement or a particular fact in the body of the affidavit
  • Date when the signer is signing the affidavit
  • Name of the notary public or clerk who is the witness of the affidavit
  • Signature of the signer and the witness with names and address

Types of Special Release Affidavits:

  1. A common or Non-Specific Affidavit:
    When there is nothing specifically included or added in an affidavit statement, it is known as non-specific affidavit and it can be used for many purposes including personal and legal reasons. Usually a non-specific affidavit is used when companies do business together and buy or sell something.
  2. Small Estate Affidavit:
    This is another type of special affidavit which is used when someone dies accidentally and leaves no will for his spouse or children and other family members. When this happens, the spouse or the children of the deceased are asked to sign the small estate affidavit in order to transfer the ownership of the property to their name.
  3. Residence Affidavit:
    There are many situations in which a person is required to prove his place of residence and proper address of his house or apartment. For example, you want to send your children to a local school and the administration wants you to sign a resident affidavit to prove that you live near the school.
  4. Name Change Affidavit:
    When a person decides to change his name for permanent purposes and wants to legalize it so that from that point, everyone calls him with the new name, he needs to sign an affidavit in order to prove that he has in fact changed his name. Usually banks and mortgage loan firms require this affidavit so this is also a special release affidavit.
  5. Support Affidavit:
    If you want to support an immigrant in your country and want to provide for him legally, you are required to sign the support affidavit in the government department so that the authorities can make sure that you will in fact provide for and support the immigrant when he arrives in your country.

Here is preview of a Free Sample Special Release Affidavit created as fillable PDF form,

Special Release Affidavit

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