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Vaccine Card Templates

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Find and download our professionally designed Vaccine Card Templates in MS Word as well as in PDF Format. A vaccination card is a document that is used to track an individual’s immunization history. It keeps the record of vaccines that have been given, the dates they were administered, and the dosages used. They can also serve as a reminder for parents to keep track of when their child’s vaccinations are due and ensure that all necessary vaccinations have been received. The different types of vaccinations available may vary from country to country but typically include shots for diseases like rubella, polio, mumps, measles, tetanus, and influenza. is making an effort to assist the movement towards some more unique and easy-to-use readymade vaccine card templates for users. You can effortlessly use these vaccination card templates to maintain the history of vaccine shots taken by you or even your pets. Here we provide you with multiple editable layouts of vaccination cards which can be modified according to your precedence. Furthermore, our templates retain the vaccine name, product name, date, and name of the person who nursed the shot. So, hurry up! Be a part of the vaccination drive, get yourself immunized, and keep your record by using our editable vaccine card templates in MS Word and PDF format.

Covid-19 Vaccine Card

Covid-19 vaccine card

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During the outbreak of a pandemic, people are vaccinated for the prevention of that specific disease. For that purpose, vaccination cards are utilized by healthcare providers.

We provide you with various types of vaccination cards like digital, and printable vaccine card templates.

Digital vaccination cards offer a variety of benefits, including increased accessibility and portability. By keeping your vaccination records digitally, you can easily access them anywhere, anytime. You don’t need to worry about keeping a physical card or worrying about losing it or damaging it. Additionally, digital vaccination cards keep your vaccination records safe and secure.

Free Blank Printable Vaccine Card

vaccine card templates

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Free printable vaccination card allows you to easily create and access a physical record of your vaccinations. A hardcopy record of the vaccines can be incredibly valuable during any illness or if you need to provide evidence of immunization. Also, printable vaccination cards can help you quickly and easily share your vaccination records.

Digital Vaccine Card

free printable vaccine card

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A vaccine is a vital component of medicine in the modern era, providing protection from various diseases. It has been used for centuries to protect people from pathogenic diseases that cause infectious illnesses. A vaccine has been the most powerful and successful tool in the fight against diseases. It helps to protect individuals, populations, and even entire countries from the catastrophic effects of infectious diseases.

Vaccine is the suspension of weakened microorganisms, such as antibodies, and lymphocytes. It stimulates the body’s natural defense system and activates the immune system to identify and fight against pathogens. Vaccinations are used according to the age group of patients.

Types of vaccinations:

Scientists design different types of vaccines. Each of them has a distinct course of action.

  • Inactivated vaccine: These vaccines are not as efficient as live vaccines which is why a patient is given more than one shot of it. These vaccines are used against diseases like rabies and Hepatitis A.
  • Subunit vaccine/ Recombinant vaccine: These vaccines are made up of a specific part of a germ like its protein part or sugar. They have a very powerful response. Diseases like whooping cough and Hepatitis B are cured through these vaccines.
  • Toxoid vaccine: The Toxoid vaccine is made out of toxoids like antigens which develop immunity against illnesses caused by poison secreted by certain bacteria. Diphtheria and tetanus can be prevented through this vaccine.
  • Attenuated vaccine: This vaccine is also called live vaccine which uses an attenuated form of the germs that cause that certain ailment. Only 1 or 2 doses of it provide lifetime protection against sicknesses like mumps and measles.
  • Viral vector vaccine: Viral vector vaccines are modified versions of some viruses which are used as vectors to induce immunity. Viruses like measles, influenza, and adenovirus have been used as vectors. The adenovirus vector has been useful in the COVID-19 vaccine.

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