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Waiver of Notice of Annual Meeting

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Preparing Waive of Notice of Annual Meeting can be tricky as it involves legal and official language to be chooses. You need to employee perfect words to express your motivation and also causes of this situation. By downloading our Waiver of Notices, this task can become very smooth and like a walk in the park. Just study them and then prepare your own Draft Notice for printing or dispatching through emails.

Key Elements in Waive of Notice of Annual Meeting:

  • Name of the corporation with registration number and address for reference purposes
  • Name(s) of the CEOs or owners of the corporation
  • Names of the partners in the corporation
  • Name of the waiver (individual shareholder) along with his designation and ownership rights in the company (number and type of shares in the company)
  • Details of the meeting that is under discussion
  • Sworn statement by the individual shareholder that he is giving up his voting rights and won’t come to the mentioned meeting either
  • Signed statement by the individual shareholder that the meeting shall be held on the schedule without any delay
  • Reasons of waiving a meeting notice (only optional)
  • Date when the waiver notice is written by the individual shareholder
  • Signature of the individual shareholder


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