Waiver of Notice Sample of Director’s Meeting

Are you looking for a Waiver of Notice Sample of the Director’s Meeting to assist you in preparing one such official paper? Then you are at the most suitable website to review several related Notices in PDF format before drafting your own.  Download our collection of Waiver Notices to study them for different situations and then choose the most suitable for further editing. Since these are in PDF Format it’s portable across different platforms of your choice.

Key Elements to Include in Waiver of Notice of Director Meeting:

  • Name of the corporation with registration number and address for reference purposes
  • Name(s) of the CEOs or owners of the corporation
  • Names of the partners in the corporation
  • Name of the director who is waiving the meeting notice along with his designation and ownership rights in the company
  • Details of the meeting that is under discussion
  • A sworn statement by the director that he is giving up his voting right and won’t attend the mentioned meeting either
  • A signed statement by the director that the meeting shall be held on the schedule without any delay
  • Reasons for waiving a director meeting notice (only optional)
  • Date when the waiver notice is written by the director
  • Signature of the director (i.e. the waiver of the meeting notice)



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