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Waiver of Notices (4 Free Samples)

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We are sharing several Waiver of Notices in PDF Format to allow our visitors to carefully review and then prepare their own Waiver of Notice documents.

There are many types of meetings organized in a corporation or organization. These includes Monthly Meetings, Board of Directors Meetings, Special Project Meetings, Joint Venture Meetings and Annual Meetings of shareholders and directors. Among these meetings, the most important meeting is the annual meeting of shareholders. In this meeting, the partners in the company select new board of directors and other upper level management.

When there is something to discuss regarding the operations of a corporation or new strategies, all the decisions are made by the board of directors and the shareholders but the major part is played by the directors. This is why when there is a meeting, all the directors are invited and asked to attend it but in some cases when a director can’t particularly attend a meeting, he waives the notice of director meeting and inform the other directors that he won’t be able to come to the meeting so the other members should vote and proceed the meeting without him.

Waive Notice of Organization Meeting

There are many types of meetings arranged by organizations and corporations in which different matters and issues are discussed. Usually when there is a need of a meeting to discuss something important in front of the directors and incorporators of a company, they are all informed and asked to participate in the meeting and share their reviews and vote for the decision that they prefer.

In this scenario when a director or Incorporator is informed about a formal meeting of the organization in which other directors and Incorporators will participate, he can waive the meeting notice by stating that he can’t make to the meeting or doesn’t want to participate for personal reasons and thus, waiving his voting rights so that the other participants can discuss the matter in the meeting and decide whatever they prefer without him.

With the waive notice, the waiver claims that it doesn’t matter to him what the other participants will decide in the meeting and he also states that even if he won’t participate in the meeting, the meeting should be held as per the schedule and he won’t disagree with any decision that will be taken in the meeting. In order to waive the meeting notice, you need send the formal notification letter to the board of directors prior to the meeting or voting day.

Here is preview of a Free Sample Waiver of Notice of Organization Meeting of Incorporators created as fill-able PDF form,

Waiver Notice Organization Meeting Incorporators

Here is download link for this Waiver of Notice of Organization Meeting of Incorporates,

Waiver Notice of Director Meeting:

The key responsibility of the board of directors in any corporation and company is to make changes to the way the company works and implement new strategies and for that, all the directors has to participate in the decision making process and either vote in favor or against the decision. This explains that if you are a director in a company, you have the key responsibility to participate in every vital decision that the board makes. But, there are some situations in which the directors can’t participate in the meeting. For example, a director is out of country and can’t make to the meeting or if he knows what decision the board will make and he is in favor of it so he can waive the formal notice of the director meeting by stating the reason of not participating or voting and stating that he surrender his voting rights and allows the other members to proceed with the meeting and voting without him.

This is done with sending a formal letter to the board of directors and informing them about waiving the meeting notice. There are many elements included in this letter but the most important part is the affidavit or sworn statement by the waiver claiming that he is giving up his voting rights and wants the other members or participants to hold the meeting as per schedule and vote without him. With this letter, he not only gives up his voting rights but also can’t disagree or speak against any decision that was decided in the meeting in his absent.

Here is preview of a free sample Waiver of Notice of Director’s Meeting created as fill-able PDF form,

Waive -Notice Director Meeting

Here is download link for this Waiver of Notice of Director’s Meeting,


Waiver of Notice for Combined Meeting:

When a meeting is called for the partners or board of directors in a company, a formal notice is sent to all the required participants. So that, they can schedule for the meeting and prepare before it. In some situations, when a partner or director receives such notice for a combined meeting. He can waive the notice of the combined meeting as he has the right to do so. The person to cancel his rights for a meeting is known as the waiver. And the letter to use the waive rights is known as the meeting waive notice.

There are many critical situations when a specific partner or director of a corporation doesn’t want to or simply can’t use his ownership rights and voting rights due to legal or personal reasons. Although, when a combined meeting is called by the CEO of a company, all the invited members are required to attend the meeting either in person or by proxy but the director or partnership agreement also allows the partners to waive the meeting and don’t participate in the voting or decision making process.

This is usually done at least 2 days prior to the actual meeting and if a partner or director wants to waive the notice of a combined meeting, he is required to send a formal notice to the board of directors informing them about the waive and it’s optional if the waiver wants to explain the reasons of doing so but he is not obligated to explain anything. The most important thing in this waive letter is the sworn statement of the waiver that he in fact waive the notice of the combined meeting and the meeting shall be held on the scheduled time and date even if he won’t be present in the meeting.

Here is preview of a Free Sample Waiver of Notice for Combined Meeting created as fill able PDF form,


Waiver Notice Combined Meeting


Here is download link for this Waiver of Notice for Combined Meeting,


Waive of Notice of Annual Meeting:

When it comes to annual meetings, all the directors and shareholder tend to attend these meetings. Because there, they are deciding about important steps regarding business. All the participants can include their input on these decisions in the timely manner. This is the key platform to discuss whatever they want.

But there are certain situations in which an individual shareholder can’t attend this meeting. Since he won’t be able to make it to the meeting, he has to inform the other members about this and ask them to vote without him.

After formally informing the shareholders about the meeting, they are bound to participate in it to vote and share their thoughts. If a shareholder doesn’t want to attend a meeting. He has the right to waive the meeting notice and inform the board of directors and other shareholders. That he is giving up his voting rights and wants them to decide without him.

It is possible that if a shareholder doesn’t attend a meeting without formally notifying anyone in the corporation, they will have the right to take action against him. This is why it is really important that when a shareholder decides not to vote or participate in a meeting either personally or by proxy, he has the obligation to inform the board of directors and other shareholders about his decision and the fact that he won’t vote and wants the members to make a decision without him.

Here is free Sample Waive of Notice of Annual Meeting created as fill able PDF form,


Here is download link for this Waive of Notice of Annual Meeting,

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