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Withheld Delivery Notice

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Withheld Delivery Notice

When a supplier or vendor is required to hold the delivery of an order due to any reason. They are also required to notify the buyer about the possible delay in the delivery process. Why the supplier withheld the delivery so that the buyer can come forward to the resolve the issue and get his order on time. The formal withheld delivery notice is used by the suppliers to inform the buyers about a delay in the delivery process of their order.

Importance of the Withheld Delivery Notice:

When a buyer and supplier agrees to a deal, the buyer sends a purchase order or purchase contract to the supplier in order to get his order and after receiving the PO, the supplier is legally responsible to deliver the order on the agreed timeline. But, there are sometimes some reasons because of which the supplier can’t make the delivery on time and he has to hold the order for a while. If the buyer doesn’t know why the supplier withheld the delivery, it can seem like breach of purchase contract and the buyer can file a case against the supplier. This is why when a supplier needs to withhold the delivery of an order, he has to inform the buyer about the situation and explain to him why he won’t be able to make the delivery on time.

This can be because of anything i.e. the supplier can withhold the delivery if the buyer didn’t make the payment on time or when the buyer’s check was bounced or if some of the items in the order were back ordered and it will take some more time for the supplier to arrange for the entire order to make one shipment. In either case, it is important for the supplier to notify the buyer about the delay and even if it’s not buyer’s fault, he has the right to know the situation the supplier is facing so that he can be patient and wait a little longer for the delivery before taking any legal steps or cancelling the order. In most cases, it is the fault of the buyer that the supplier withholds the delivery and asks the buyer to take care of the payment or he won’t deliver the goods until further notice. The withheld delivery notice is a formal way to inform the buyer and ask him to either make the payment or be patient.

Useful Tips for Writing Withheld Delivery Notice:

The withheld delivery notice is a very simple and easy document and it’s kind of a formal request letter to the buyer informing him about the situation of the supplier. If you want to write this notice, you need to include the reference number of the order that the buyer placed, the date when the order was placed and the date when you were supposed to deliver the order, the payment details and the reasons why you won’t be able to make the order on time. If the withhold has anything to do with the buyer, you also need to advise him about what to do in order to receive his order on time.

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Withheld Delivery Notice

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