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Corporate Name Reservation (Multiple Names) Application Form

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Download this Free Corporate Name Reservation (Multiple Names) Application Form in PDF Format to assist you.

When starting a new corporation, either solely or with partners, the first essential step is to register the name of your corporation with the Commonwealth Department and pay the associated registration fees. This is a crucial and mandatory step, as you cannot legally start a corporation without registering its name. However, if you plan to start your corporation in the future but have already decided on potential names, you should consider reserving those names to ensure they are available when you are ready to launch.

Brief Description of Reserving Multiple Corporate Names

Reserving corporate names is not mandated by government or trading laws, but it is a proactive step if you are concerned that someone else might register your chosen names before you officially start your business. To reserve a name, you must send a formal application to the Commonwealth Department, requesting that one or multiple names be held for your future corporation.

Typically, individuals reserve one name, but if you are undecided, you can reserve several names to ensure you have options. The reservation process requires paying fees, which vary depending on the number of names and the reservation duration. Commonly, names are reserved for 6 months to 1 year, but you can choose a shorter or longer period based on your needs.

Here is a preview of this free Sample Corporate Name Reservation (multiple names) Application Form as a fillable PDF Form,

Multiple corporate names application form

Here is the download link for this Corporate Name Reservation (multiple names) Application Form,

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Key Elements to Include in the Reservation of Multiple Corporate Names

  1. Owner’s Name or Names of the Partners: Clearly state the full names of the corporation’s owners or partners.
  2. Names to Reserve: List the names you wish to reserve for your corporation.
  3. Business Details: Describe the type of business the corporation will conduct under the reserved names.
  4. Articles of Incorporation: Provide the necessary documents as required by the registration department.
  5. Application Date: Include the date when the application is submitted to the Secretary of the Commonwealth Department.
  6. Reference Number: Provide the reference number from the notary department for the corporation’s registration.
  7. Reservation Duration: Specify the period for which you want to reserve the names (e.g., 6 months or 1 year).
  8. Reasons for Reservation: Explain why reserving these specific names is important for your corporation.
  9. Payment Details: Include the bank voucher number for the standard reservation fees paid to an approved bank.

By following these steps and including the necessary details in your application, you can secure your desired corporate names, ensuring they are available when you are ready to officially register and start your business. This foresight can save you time and avoid potential conflicts or delays in the future.

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